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The community that began with Southern Dragon’s Lakeside Diner continues. Today we collect news from outside the usual, and renew the discussion.

Discussion of climate change held Wednesday at the U.N. in NYC received news that for the first time China would commit to making positive steps to lower damage to the environment.

China has pledged for the first time to take firm action on climate change, telling a UN summit that its emissions, the world’s highest, would soon peak.

Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli also said China would make its economy much more carbon efficient by 2020.


With so many nations attending the summit at the UN headquarters and so little time at the one-day meeting, three separate sessions ran simultaneously on Tuesday in three different rooms.

The meeting was the largest climate summit since talks at Copenhagen in 2009, when countries failed to agree a timetable to reduce long-term emissions.

Russian space scientists are struggling to bring back under their control a space probe filled with experiments, including a venture for geckos that is studying whether they will continue to have conjugal relations in weightless conditions.   Think about floating, always, together but ungrounded.   We anxiously await the results.

Progress is busily working to re-establish a connection with the operating system — currently on autopilot — before all hope is lost.

The scientists said they are still able to watch video footage of the mating geckos and observe how an absence of gravity affects their sexual behavior.

There was no immediate word from the scientists behind the experiment on Thursday as to whether the geckos had successfully copulated as Foton-M4 hurtled through space.

U.S. Judge Griesa has scheduled hearings this week on Argentina’s funding of payments under findings that vulture capitalists must received their sleazy profits.

After the decision made by Argentina in June to pay bondholders of the restructured debt, Griesa froze the funds on grounds that if they were made effective, the country would be in contempt of court for not respecting the payment order to those who did not accept the exchange, calling them “vulture funds.”

Citibank obeyed the order, but Argentina argued that such bonds were issued according to local laws and cannot be blocked by the United States, threatening to sanction the bank if the payment was not made effective before Sept. 30.

For those of you who missed it, a recent find near here in NW PA has added a treasure to the emerging knowledge of cultures that preceded ours in the Great Lakes area.

Long hours patiently sifting through dirt and checking constantly for relics sometimes yield results that make those times golden, and that happened this summer in a dig in PA.  The archaeological society of Venango County has worked for the past summers on an inhabitated locale that has turned up finds of tribal pottery and tools, evidence of processing and cooking, post holes for lodges, and among those artifacts has produced a remnant of woven appearance now being tested for composition that may be fabric. If this find proves to be fabric, it will be the only such piece found in this state for the late Woodland period from which these relics date, around 1150 – 1300 A.D. Charcoal dating has already established that period as the time of inhabitation  from which the excavated relics originate.


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Ruth Calvo

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