Robbie Robertson tweeted tonight was the 45th anniversary of the release of The Band, one of the All Time Great albums ever, and I’m not alone making this declaration.

Up on Cripple Creek

The second LP, simply called The Band, was begun the following spring. This time, everyone went to California to record right from the beginning. They rented a large house from Sammy Davis Jr., nestled in the Hollywood Hills, turning the pool house into a recording studio, nailing baffles all along the outside wall and in the process creating a shining example of visual ugliness on the outside that sounded great on the inside. Everything but “Up On Cripple Creek”“Jemima Surrender” and “Whispering Pines” was recorded here. The latter three were cut back in New York at the Hit Factory.

Big Pink had been a fine, even superiour debut. The Band was their masterpiece. Robertson, now the dominant songwriter (he had only written four songs on first LP), had grown by leaps and bounds. Likewise, DankoManuelHelm, Robertson and Hudson, as good as they had been to this point, had reached a whole other level of ensemble playing. The sum was much greater than the parts, and the parts were as good as any that existed.

A lot of thought went into this record. Robertson and John Simon had spent a week in Hawaii planning the sessions. Everyone living together in the Sammy Davis house with wives and the odd additional family member created a kind of clubhouse atmosphere (reminiscent of Big Pink) where the creative flow of ideas was constantly facilitated by the proximity of the equipment and each other…

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