A Lively Atmosphere at the People’s Climate March

climate march

The People’s Climate March featured a diverse amount of people and groups with major themes scattered throughout the march under the banner of environmentalism.

With the United Nations General Assembly occurring two days later, organizers hoped to create an event to raise awareness through the efforts of those in attendance.

“We want to make sure the People’s Climate March tells the story of today’s climate movement in all its parts – so we’re trying something new, and arranging the contingents of the march in a way that helps us thread our many messages together,” their website states.

Originally, it was guessed the attendance would be from 100,000 to 200,000, however more than 400,000 were estimated after the march. This is significant ahead of the meeting on Tuesday.

It should be noted, despite the reference to Occupy Wall Street, the People’s Climate March was approved by the New York Police Department one month ago. In fact, as the main page notes, this was going on for months. Officers were stationed at every block with police dogs and vans at the ready.

Still, the event began official at 10:00 am with a press conference featuring speakers like community organizer Elizabeth Yeampierre, activist Mari Rose Taruc and Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, who will speak at the UN tomorrow on the necessity of action.

One speaker, Bill Aristovolus, an energy superintendent affected by Hurricane Sandy and member of 32BJ SEIU, stated buildings in New York City contributed to 74 percent of the city’s emissions.

“If we can change what’s spewing out from our buildings, [then] we can impact of what’s happening to our air. We might have a chance of slowing down global warming,” Aristovolus said.

Aristovolus told Firedoglake the heating system is what causes buildings to emit so much. Yet, he noted it was possible to modify the system and it was better to turn to alternative systems.

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