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Over Easy: Monday Science

Good Morning All!

Fukushima Update:

Some additional diaries from Fuku workers at the time of the accident. It’s clear that the JG had information regarding meltdowns WAY before they admitted it publicly. It further seems likely that there were quite  a few deaths reported, but covered up. The JG’s official position is still that nobody has died from this.

We’re seeing more impact in wildlife, too.

Here comes another major hit to the west coast. I don’t think this is the first one. And I don’t think this is the worst one. And I think there’s more coming. And I wonder how long ObamaLLP + JG can keep California or some of it’s sea industries from suing.

The groundwater bypass at Fuku is showing some success, but the ice wall is still a failure (they’re still trying) and they’re still leaking tons of hot water into the Pacific. It amazes me that other countries aren’t taking action. The damage to their sea industries is eventually going to overcome the campaign contributions from the Nuclear Industry.

The Japanese fishing industry is NOT going along with TEPCO’s plan to dump treated groundwater. There’s simply no trust in anything TEPCO or the JG says. This is probably wise, as this dumping is the camels nose under the tent. However, the Bermsstrahlung radiation is building due to the water in the tanks. This contributes to a gamma ray “haze” that fill the plant site like a mist. 

We must not forget our OWN Fukushima, Hanford. Entire families are dying of something the Government is SURE isn’t related to anything stored there. And they’re seeing “clusters” of  anencephaly, a severe defect in which babies are born missing parts of the brain. Also officially not related to anything on that site.

We’re not hearing much about WIPP, because they’re sitting on data. The latest theory as to why that drum exploded is that a  lead contaminated glove was in it.  There is now concern that there’s another barrel with identical contents, including a lead contaminated glove. They are still not sure what caused the initial explosion.  They are not commenting on the amounts of Pu found offsite, likely because they’re been playing fast and loose with what they’re allowed to store there.

Have you ever heard of epigenetics? In short, these are inheritable changes that do NOT result from changes to genes but from changes to the “ladder” that holds the genes. This causes the genes to be expressed more often or less often. So you can have a perfectly find gene, but it’s always off and thus you suffer the consequence.

Another major discovery that began with “What the hell is that?!?”. It seems that we’ve got bubbles of gamma rays above and below the central hole of our galaxy. Best theory is that the hold ate something big a few million years ago.

If dark matter exists and if our  theories about it are correct, we should detect and excess of positrons because of it. We do.

They managed to get another specimen of the colossal squid to study. This one isn’t as big as the other one, only about 350kg. Don’t eat before reading, there are some photos in the story that make it look like they’re dissecting snot. I’m sure glad this squid is only found in Antarctica, as it would certainly be a man eater if it could get us.

The IgNobel awards were issued last week. Saluting the humor in science and in general research that should NOT have been attempted. This years winners include a study on the friction between a banana skin and a shoe bottom with respect to the friction between the banana skin and the floor. And an attempt to learn what happens in your brain when you see Jesus in a piece of toast.

Boxturtle (My personal favorite was when they actually did compare apples and oranges)

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