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Former Obama and Bush Undersecretaries for Imperialism Agree, the U.S. Needs More Military and Weapons.

In the bipartisan fashion we’ve come to expect from both major parties when it comes to war, imperialism and the Military Industrial Complex, the former undersecretaries for defense under Bush (Eric Edelman) and Obama (Michele Flournoy) have written a joint letter begging for more tax dollars for the U.S. imperialist war machine and by extension, the Military Industrial Complex.

First they build up the reason. They start with lies like Russia invaded Ukraine, the threats we face in the Middle East and with China.  Then probably without realizing it they  state what the U.S. and NATO war machine has caused this century.

“the United States faces perhaps the most complex and volatile security environment since World War II.”

Ya, you helped do that Michele and Eric. You guys are so special.  You’ve helped create a pretty messy situation here on Planet Earth.

Then they post the problem.

“But scant attention has been paid to ensuring that we have a robust and ready military, able to deter would-be aggressors, reassure allies and ensure that any president, current or future, has the options he or she will need in an increasingly dangerous world.”

You see, it was that dang Budget Control Act of 2011 which has caused across the board cuts to the national budget, including war and imperialism spending. We knew this was coming. The full court press is now on to prep Congress and citizens for what comes next. They want more money for war and imperialism and it’s going to have to come out of other programs, like maybe Social Security or Aid to the Handicapped. We still have that other thing to worry about, the national debt.  I think the thinking goes that if we don’t have the most expensive war and imperialism budget ever imagined then we’re all going to get killed so we won’t be able to retire anyway. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t man.

They even had a Commission, the National Defense (War and Imperialism) Panel and they wrote a report.  They always write reports.

“The commission’s report concluded that, without budgetary relief, the U.S. armed forces soon will be at high risk of not being able to accomplish the national defense strategy.”

Face it, these people and their friends want to rule the world with the U.S. military.  That’s what it’s all about.  They say the U.S. will soon not be able to do all it’s war and imperialism stuff if we don’t give them more money. We could actually go back to how we were just after Vietnam they say, a hollow force that could barely destroy Grenada or Lichtenstein.   This comes after a ten year military buildup envisioned by the neocons with their Project for a New American Century (PNAC), Rebuilding America’s Defenses which was dutifully implemented by Congress under Bush and Obama.  By the way, the two former undersecretaries published their article on Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), the neocon successor organization to PNAC.

They talk about those U.S. interests again.  There are evidently U.S. interests in every fucking corner of the planet. They never really explain what those interests are but they assure us that defending them with war and imperialism will keep us all safe and prosperous. I get goosebumps when I read that.

“Hi, I’m Big Al, and I’m safe and prosperous.” I’m also a citizen of an Imperialist country that goes around the planet killing people for it’s “interests”.

Their demand?

“That’s why the National Defense Panel urged — and we reiterate today — that Congress and the president repeal the Budget Control Act immediately, end the threat of sequestration and return, at a minimum, to funding levels proposed by then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates in his fiscal 2012 budget.”

So this is coming after the election along with the continued austerity that will be placed on domestic programs, including Social Security. The stakes could not be higher for the Military Industrial Complex they say, and our nation’s security is at risk. Actually the stakes could not be higher for the American citizens and the rest of the world’s security is at risk, particularly those “we” want to kill and subjugate.  This would be a good time to have a national conversation about the role the United States should play on this planet.  Can the citizens force the ruling class to allow us a say in the matter?  Do enough citizens even care?

How could we have let ourselves get into this position?

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