Flood Wall Street Actions Come After Massive Climate March

While Sunday saw a massive march against climate change with an estimated 300,000 people attending, today activists are participating in Flood Wall Street under the slogan “Stop Capitalism. End the Climate Crisis.” The direct action campaign will target the New York Stock Exchange with a flood of activists engaging in a sit in to shut down the area.

Flood Wall Street activists claim on the website the reason for the act of civil disobedience is to “confront the root cause of the climate crisis – an economic system based on exploiting frontline communities, workers and natural resources.” Thought NYPD tolerated the climate march it seems unlikely the Flood Wall Street activists will receive the same response. Activists gathered in Battery Park this morning and are preparing to launch the sit in at noon, New York time.

The activists plan to wear blue to symbolize the ocean which, if climate change continues unabated and sea levels rise, may literally flood Manhattan on day.

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