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Video:Effective Issue Advocacy- Occupy the Podium

I am going to my congressional representatives town-hall meeting. My intent is to obtain video of questions I ask and the subsequent responses forwarded. I have little interest in the response, I know it will be the same generic, fact-free regurgitation of the establishment’s talking points. I am looking to make a statement of fact for the record that puts the response in direct opposition to the cited facts.

CODEPINK, Medea Benjiman have demonstrated how effective occupying the podium can be. In Medea’s case she knows she is not getting a response but by forwarding the facts, in a public way, like she does, seems so much more effective than petitions to the White House or a political figure.  I believe this because of it’s informative value that strengthens alternative media. The more good stuff, the more people will become interested. This site’s continuing success is a testament to that fact.

There are so many big, broad, inclusive, compelling issues one can make a passionate statement of facts in advocacy of. The less inclusive your statement of fact the easier it is to oppose on collateral issues. My main issue is-We house our mentally ill in prisons because it is substantially cheaper to do than offer real help and that that is where the conversation ends every time, my definition of moral bankruptcy. These people, unable to defend themselves, have few advocates and we allow them to, effectively, be thrown to the wolves. This issue does not resonate with the American Voter, just like euthanasia of 6 million dogs and cats a year when it would only take the slightest bit of effort and decency to resolve does not resonate. Understand that concept, that there are those who would buy that purebred dog,  unwittingly supporting the euthanasia while actually caring about the plight of so many dogs/cats that are  in the kill shelters, then there are those who only care for their purebred and are not concerned about the  6 million, at all. Your issue will likely breakdown into groups, consider making a statement so inclusive it includes the purebred owner who wittingly disregards the plight of the six million.  Use this as an example, of how to be inclusive- by advocating on behalf of ALL dogs and not specifically shelter dogs you include and gain the advocacy of every purebred owner no matter how offensive and shallow their conduct. If it saves some dogs, if dogs aren’t being murdered because of it, I’ll be inclusive- no problem.

There are so many great issues forwarded at this site. The insightful, well informed arguments, forwarded on this site are the arguments missing from the political discourse. The establishment even accepts Libertarian-ism now, because they have weened all the anti-war good out of it.

The statement of facts I will forward:

You recently voted to arm and train the Saudi jihadist’s beheading  people in Syria and Iraq…… to fight themselves. You did vote to invade Iraq under false pretense a the cost of  almost five thousand American lives, 2 or three trillion dollars cost to the American Taxpayer  to serve Iraq up on a silver platter to Iran, something you rail against now while accepting no responsibility for the results of the war you advocated for and the Jihadists you created resulting in the instability occurring now.

When  Saudi hijackers  attacked us on 9/11 you advocated attacking  other countries. When 65% of the suicide bombers killing are troops. were Saudi, you remained silent. As the Saudis sent radical beheading jihadists to Syria you have are advocating funding, training and giving them safe harbor. Now you vote and advocate to support the most repressive regime in the world, outside of North Korea, the Saudis as the moderate force neccessary to attack the huge Christian population, that is aligned with Assad that is trying to defend itself against the  beheading Saudi jihadists’s  that have already killed or displaced most the  Christians in Iraq. At the same time you are supporting the slaughter of Christians by the Saudis you are supporting the continued cover-up  of Saudi involvement in 9/11 – the families of the 9/11 victims deserve the truth about Saudi involvement you should disclose why you still  advocate  not letting the families see the 28 redacted pages your colleagues say pose no nation security issues and need to be disclosed to inform the public ect ect

If I have not been escorted 0ff the podium by then, I will start on Ukraine what we have done there and attach that to the results and my reps advocacy for and subsequent responsibility for those results with a bit of what if the Russians did this in Canada/Mexico – so many good issues.

This form of dissent has value. If a lot of people are trying the chances of success, forwarding the peace/equality agenda are enhanced.

The founder of this site has always allowed and encouraged broad-based advocacy of issues where the would-be dissenter  has a forum to dissent against a corrupt establishment that focus’ on making sure no such site ever exists and thrives.

A quick clip of what led me to this site and what, I believe, makes it so unique. In the clip Jane Hamsher, as usual, puts fidelity to the facts first with disregard to partisan politics. The fact that the two corporate parties are more alike than different was most effectively forwarded early on on this site. It’s worth noting that much like Cenk of the Young Turks, Jane was and could have remained frequent guest of the Main Stream Media, she chose to tell the truth instead. It is not surprising that Cenk and Jane have had success when you see the kind of integrity they have exhibited and understand how much it was needed, how absent it was before. Just fake, pathetic, partisan rhetoric.

Thanks for all your efforts Jane, I am frequently informed on this site of facts that I would not otherwise have access to, that has great value to me. If you haven’t taken seen Jane’s you tube clips of her MSM appearances is worth your time.

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