Late Late Night FDL: Ben and Me

Ben and Me.  This Oscar nominated Walt Disney Productions cartoon was released on November 10, 1953.

Directed by Hamilton Luske. Produced by Walt Disney. Based on the book by Robert Lawson. Story by Bill Peet. Story Adaptation by Winston Hibler, Del Connell, and Ted Sears. Art Direction by Ken Anderson and Claude Coats. Visual Effects Animation by George Rowley. Animation by (in alphabetical order) Les Clark, Eric Cleworth, Hugh Fraser, Jerry Hathcock, Ollie Johnston (“Ben”), Hal King, John Lounsbery, Don Lusk, Cliff Nordberg, Wolfgang Reitherman, Harvey Toombs, and Marvin Woodward. Layouts by Hugh Hennesy, Thor Putnam, and Al Zinnen. Backgrounds by Dick Anthony, Al Dempster, and Thelma Witmer. Voices by Sterling Holloway (Amos Mouse / Narrator), Hans Conried (Tom Jefferson / Crook), Charles Ruggles (Ben Franklin – uncredited), and Bill Thompson (Governor Keith – uncredited). Music by Oliver Wallace.

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