By David Glenn Cox

This fairy tale begins with “Once upon a time.” All the best fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time.” It seems however, the practice has fallen out of favor, especially among broadcast news circles; which routinely tell stories far more fantastical than talking frogs, glass slippers or poisoned apples, without even the slightest regard to the grand old tradition of good fairy tales. The general purpose of beginning a fairy tale with “Once upon a time” is to frame the story, to warn the readers in advance that the bounds of reality will be exceeded and bent beyond credibility. But as the ship of state drifts further from the shores of reality the odd ends and accessories become the appendix of the body politic.

Bloomberg – In nine strikes over two days, the U.S. destroyed Islamic State Humvees and armed vehicles, along with a checkpoint and bunker, according to statements issued by U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida.

When did Al Qaeda become the Islamic State?

Where did the Islamic State acquire the money and logistics to build an armed force, Go Fund Me perhaps? Was there a draft held somewhere, where Al Qaeda could reserve their best fighters, leaving only the scrubs and rookies to join the new team? In our non-reality society, the equation goes something like this: – 6 = 4 you don’t need to know any of the other factors, about silly, magic mirrors or wicked step-mothers. Come on! After thirteen years of perpetual war, haven’t you learned to trust us yet!

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Syria hmm. Could that be the same Syria the administration accused of dastardly crimes it was unable to prove? The same Syrian conflict the American public declared by a wide margin it wanted no part of? Well, I guess the American public was all wet. When will we learn to just listen to the Pentagon? Because of our reticence, the founders of ISIS took their ill-gotten funds down to Honest Achmed’s Used Humvees and Armed Vehicles (Just around the corner from high prices! 60 month financing available for qualified Jihads) and set up a check point and a bunker. Clearly, we are dealing with military masterminds!

After just nine air strikes with laser guided bombs and high-tech weaponry, we were able to destroy that check point, that bunker and some trucks! I guess now, the President’s hands are tied. I imagine he paces nervously in the Oval Office, talking to himself. “Gosh darn it, the American public didn’t want me to invade Syria, but I have no other choice now…now that there is an Islamic group with Syria in its title. Besides, they have armed trucks and Humvees!”

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, codes of conduct were decided upon by the wise people’s of a war-weary, primitive world. They decreed it a crime, to invade another country unilaterally. They decreed that any occupier setting up a government in an occupied nation would be declared illegitimate. These things were decided after an evil one had conquered many lands and had set up friendly governments, they called Quislings. The imaginary Winston Churchill once said; “Democracy isn’t a harlot to be purchased on a street corner for the price of a Tommy gun.” He then flew off on his magic dragon to join Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Now it’s been a long time and perhaps my memory has dimmed a might, but didn’t we invade Iraq because the former administration claimed Saddam Hussein had weapons of Mass Destruction? Didn’t it turn out that they were wrong? Didn’t they further try to justify the invasion by saying; Saddam was a bad man who was killing his own people? So after this country finished killing Iraqis, aren’t they back in the business killing each other again? It reminds me of the Dr. Seuss book “The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.”  The more that darn cat tried to clean up his mess, the bigger the mess became.

But here is where that non-reality comes into play: Dateline Whoville – Armed mercenaries fighting under the banner of CATS, Chaotic-Antichrist’s -Taking – Syria have invaded a house and are holding two small children as human shields. The children identified only as Sally and her brother, have been engulfed by a whirlwind of destruction and violence. CATS has polluted the entire house with a pink substance suspected of being a chemical weapon or possibly even a nuclear isotope or biological agent

A CATS member identified only as little CAT Z, is believed to be in possession of a device known only as a “Voom.” It’s alleged the device is small enough to fit inside of a hat; the device has the power to alter the weather and to change reality, all by itself. US intelligence sources have tracked the terrorist suspect Little Cat Z to Pakistan, and informed sources suspect he has ties to A.Q. Khan. Photos of Little Cat Z have surfaced playing ping-pong in North Korea, backgammon in Iran and Yahtzee with Fidel Castro in Cuba.

The President has warned Congress, he will not hesitate; a “Voom” is too small to allow reaching our shores, we don’t want the next “Voom” to be a mushroom cloud.

John McCain responded, “The President hasn’t done enough to combat the CATS organization. There are sleeper cells across the country known as Young – Muslim – Cats of America, better known by the acronym YMCA!”

Meanwhile, back in reality, there is only one thing the American public should know with the lead pipe certainty: we are never, ever, ever told the truth. We weren’t told the truth about the battleship Maine in Havana harbor, we weren’t told the truth about the Bay of Pigs. We weren’t told the truth about the Gulf of Tonkin, or Vietnam, nor were we told the truth about the invasions of Grenada or Panama. We weren’t told the truth about 9-11 or the invasions of Afghanistan or Iraq. We weren’t told the truth about Somalia and we’re not being told the truth about the Ukraine. The only thing you can bet your money on is regardless of political party, our leaders are liars; they’re such liars they’ve got to get strangers to call their dogs for them!

Every story is a cover story, to hide the ugly truth. Evil men believed they could reshuffle the cards and rebuild the Middle East in our own image. After swatting a hornet’s nest and these men ask themselves, “Why do these hornets act so crazy?” Saddam Hussein might have been a dictator, but he was their dictator. The Taliban might have been ruthless in their prosecution of Sharia law, but they were Afghans and Sharia law was the law of their land for hundreds of years. Before the US invasion of Afghanistan, the selected President Hamid Karzai, hadn’t stepped foot on Afghan soil since 1957. Outside of the non-reality zone, Karzai is considered one of the most corrupt leaders on the planet, but we like him just fine.

Maliki in Iraq was our selected candidate, until he wasn’t. Ever notice the candidate we support always wins the election? Ever notice the leaders the US doesn’t support get toppled or murdered? Obviously, democracy never makes a mistake when the US sponsors an election. This country fought a civil war on the largest battlefield ever in its time and ended it, in four years. We fought the combined might of Germany, Italy and Japan and ended it, in four years. We fought for ten years in Vietnam, coming to an agreement to end US involvement in 1973. One year later, Richard Nixon was forced from office because of knowledge of a petty break in. Just think, a war criminal removed from office over a parking ticket. Gosh; America loves its fairy tales.


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David Cox

David Cox