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It’s Friday folks. A busy weekend ahead for me, but just one day of class on Monday! Have a wonderful weekend!

Today is Kit O’Connell’s last day, he was a dedicated colleague and member of Firedoglake. We’ll miss him for sure.

Don’t forget tomorrow is the FDL Book Salon with Mark Shapiro on carbon and climate change (how fitting) featuring journalist Steve Horn as host. There is no salon on Sunday.

International Politics


– When the U.S. launches air strikes in Syria, they will not notify anyone of when they will begin or end.

– The UN called for all nations to unite against the Islamic State in Iraq to stop their barbaric acts

Middle East

– The Israeli-Palestinian issue in Israel cannot be talked about without the economic context of labor, globalization and fierce militarization

– A shell fired during the Israeli bombings on Palestine exploded killing three Palestinians (it was a dud when it landed)

– While Syrian rebels continue to deny a truce was made with the ISIL, there are still efforts to do so

– Bombings throughout Iraq left 31 people dead and at least 51 wounded

Asia and Oceania

–  Sectarian infighting in Yemen left at least 120 people dead


– Nigeria sent $9.3 million to South Africa to obtain weapons. However, it is probably not with the government, but with the black market in South Africa.


55 percent of those who voted in the referendum on Scottish independence decided not to separate from the UK

– Alex Salmond, first minister of the Scottish National Party, announced his resignation after the results were announced

– The shutdown of a news television company in Greece is the tip of the iceberg in corruption, dirty politics and censoring those of the press who do not follow the country’s bottom line; Sounds like a corporation

– Speaking of corruption in Greece, a former cabinet member of Prime Minister Antonio Samaras told Golden Dawn officials how to vote in parliament

Surveillance Planet

– After hackers successfully broke into Home Depot’s security, they were able to steal data from 56 million customers

– An NSA official is married to a defense contractor involved with intelligence, which means the link between public and private just keeps getting stronger

– U.S. officials note spying by the CIA in Europe is paused due to recent events such as NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations. Kevin Gosztola has more.

Financial Matters

A new study found non-profits operating in wealthier areas in California have a larger budget compared with non-profits operating in poorer areas

– The world is in chaos and in need of weapons, which arms dealers are happy to supply

– The Financial Minister of Greece rejected any future bailouts for the country by Europe

Labor’s a-Brewing

– As health workers continue orking tirelessly to stop Ebola from spreading, the issues of low wages and little protective gear spring up

Politics US

Washington USA

– Progressive Democrats in Congress are split whether to go along with the Obama administration in supporting Syrian rebels or going against it

– David Sirota: “Is Obama Going Easy On Banks That Break the Law?“; Yes.

– Supreme Court Justice John Roberts: The atmosphere of partisanship in Washington wouldn’t allow for Antonin Scalia to be nominated today; Aren’t you a contributor to that atmosphere?

Anytown USA

– Pew: Out of all the ethnic groups, only Hispanics had a drop in their poverty rates and a growth in their income

We Don’t Need No Education

– With education reform still considered a profitable business venture to help struggling students, the real issues involved are neglected

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Good news as Philadelphia, Penn., decriminalized marijuana, which is just the first step in ensuring marijuana is not treated as a vice

– While the White House called for a federal investigation into abuse of antibiotics by industrial farms, we must ask why it took so long?  This was known for decades

The Second Sex

– Sexism is harder on black women; for example, consider the awful racism and sexism they face online

– In what reveals the bullying nature of the pro-life movement, the new Miss America faced vicious online attacks from these reactionary organizations for her ties to Planned Parenthood

– Vice President Joseph Biden: Young men need to speak out against domestic violence on campuses

Planet Earth

– With the People’s Climate March in New York City just two days away, Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers talk with The Real News about the implications of this event

– California faces a grim future with global warming only fueling more devastating droughts

– After efforts by student and faculty to force Stanford University to divest from fossil fuels succeeded, it provided a valuable lesson on what works

Mixed Bag

– Salon interviews Terry Gilliam, former Monty Python member and a director, about his latest films, the state of Hollywood and the state of society itself

– In New York City, a bunch of anti-Muslim bigots purchased ad space on MTA transportation to promote their hate-filled message amid an increase of attacks against Muslim; I tried my best to objectively report the situation in case anyone was wondering

Break Time

Gold Guns Girls [Metric]

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.