MH-17 still exactly where it fell – two months after crash – with no investigation of wreckage

The US media and the Dutch Safety Board have been saying that it is unsafe to investigate the wreckage of MH-17, however, this video proves otherwise, and shows that the only people that attempted to make the site unsafe at any time were the Kiev military which is proven by the type of munitions embedded in the ground close to the site. If your interested in examining the wreckage yourself, this is a good video to watch. It’s hard to believe 60 days have passed and EVERYTHING is still uninvestigated and uncollected by the investigating body delegated to do so. Keep in mind that in the history of plane crash investigations there has never been one like this, where the investigating authorities decided to actually not investigate. If that doesn’t reek of a coverup….I don’t know what does.

Considering that Kiev is a Nazi regime as proven by the threads below……and they had the means, motive, opportunity, and benefitted from the shoot down…..and they have conducted numerous false flag attacks previously…..there is a very strong probability there is a coverup being conducted.

There is a very strong probability that the new Kiev coup government shot down MH-17 and killed all those innocent people……including 80 children. The links below prove they have been killing innocent civilians for the last 6 months. The links also prove the American media has lied and covered up much of what has been going on.

The evidence is overwhelming the American people are being lied to and that Russia is being framed for what the US implemented in Ukraine. Note that the US has claimed they have satellite surveillance footage of the BUK missile that shot down the plane….yet they have never shown it. Note that they claim Russia has invaded 5 times yet they have never proven it. Note that no matter what Russia does they still get sanctioned. Note that there is the possibility that there are parts of victims bodies under these large parts of unmoved plane wreckage yet the wreckage still just sits there even though it is easily possible to access the site and conduct a proper investigation.

Even Conan Doyle would wonder “why is it that a party who is a suspect in a criminal investigation of a mass atrocity, is given a completely free pass, and a say, in whether the investigation related to themselves and an additional party is released to the public. The Dutch Safety Board and the British authorities are working in collaboration with Kiev even though it is a proven fact that Kiev, themselves, lied about their own BUK missile systems in the conflict/shoot-down zone. They were filmed with BUK systems near Slavyansk on July 4th by the Associated Press. Links here: Note that the rebels have no planes. therefore the Ukrainian military would have no normal need for these BUKs…..unless, of course, they intended to shoot down a plane.

Verifiable AP links here:
and here:

Multiple threads proving Kiev are Nazis (backed up by mainstream US media news websites) and multiple videos of Nazi atrocities they have conducted including numerous false flag attacks:

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The Ukrainian Crisis in Totality- February thru September – Extensive video evidence related to all major atrocities, false flags and coverups conducted by the Kiev regime against innocent civilians.

Ukraines grassy knoll (Graphic) evidence police weren’t the only snipers.

The Odessa Massacre – May 11th referendum

Odessa victims/walkthrough

The Mariupol Massacre- video evidence clearly shows US supported troops killed innocent civilians

Bombing of civilians in Slavyansk

Odessa one month later

Lughansk bombing

Krasny Liman

Mariupol one month later

Continued bombing of civilians of Slavyansk

Killing of civilians by US financed nazis

Where is the US anti-war left on Ukraine?

The US backed Ukrainian nazis killing in HD.

Malaysia Airlines MH-17

Shocking revelations about MH-17 shoot down

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Duplicate thread-

The US media wall of coverup and deception of the Ukraine crisis is breaking down.

Ukrainian TV channel financed by US openly calls for genocide of the people of east Ukraine.

Telegraph UK- Ukraine crisis: the neo-nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists -Graphic Warning

The Ukrainian army marches in Kiev

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