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Video:This Man is the Reason We Did Not/Have Not Attacked Syria

In our first attempt to attack Syria the main factor that stopped it was the Brit’s refusal to join in direct military action of any kind in Syria. Nigel Farage of the UKIP Party was the voice of reason shaming the British parliament into inaction, a good thing. For 200 years the British Parliament has given it’s Prime Minister the go ahead for EVERY military adventure  sought. The British earth quake  so scared the US government and informed Americans in a way that made war a very bad option for the establishment.

Nigel’s Party UKIP offered up an ass whooping  on both the Tories and Tories light the last election cycle. It would be the equivalent of Dems and repubs losing in a substantial way to a third party. Although still thoroughly entrenched power rules Britain UKIP has/is breaking some glass with its peace message- I would settle for just a little biT of that, no Federal rep would speak this way, enjoy.

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