Throughout late August and early September there has been somewhat of a shift in prominent US and UK media outlets who have covered up aspects of the Ukrainian crisis, as they have begun pointing out that there are Nazi battalions operating in the Ukrainian military. For observant people watching You Tube videos this has been evident for quite some time over the last 6 months, especially in light of the large amount of false flag attacks these Ukrainian Nazis have conducted on camera. However, the US and UK media have been previously covering up this fact along with the atrocities these Nazi battalions have conducted against thousands of innocent civilians. Of course, the majority of the US and UK public continues to believe the Ukraine crisis is Vladimir Putins fault due to the massive anti-Russia media deception and coverup that has taken place since the Maidan riots and the sniper shootings from the Hotel Ukraine.

Here are two examples of nazi atrocities that took place quite recently. The first is the slaughter of innocent civilians in Donetsk this past week. (The victims are at the 2:55 mark- they include a little girl younger than 12).

Graphic warnings:

The 2nd video is a Nazi raid on a business in Dneipoptrovsk in August. This is an example of how innocent people are being subjugated by the Nazi battalions. They are beaten in their workplace and then sent for imprisonment.

The US and UK media revelations began to filter through beginning on August 9th with a small snippet of information at the very end of a New York Times propaganda piece that revealed that a Ukrainian military unit raised a nazi flag over a conquered city. In this article the NY Times also pointed out that the nazi battalions number 7,000 soldiers.

The media revelations continued on August 11th with the following article by the Telegraph UK which describes Ukraines Nazi “Azov” battalion.

In early September NBC News ran this small story covering a German TV channel that had pointed out Ukrainian soldiers wearing nazi helmets. This is the first time NBC has made any reference whatsoever of the obvious Ukrainian Nazis operating in the Ukrainian military.

Excerpt: The video was shot last week in Ukraine by a camera team from Norwegian broadcaster TV2. “We were filming a report about Ukraine’s AZOV battalion in the eastern city of Urzuf, when we came across these soldiers,” Oysten Bogen, a correspondent for the private television station, told NBC News.

The following article in the Washington Post acknowledges them without stating specifically that they are Nazis and instead say they are ‘far right volunteers’. The Washington Post has been one of the leading cheerleaders for the Ukrainian war and in this story they go on to encourage a strategy of using the Nazi battalions for long term counter insurgency in Novorossiya. They encourage targeted assassinations and sabotage of infrastructure, i.e. terrorism.

Video of fully outfitted organized Nazi unit marching openly in Kiev with Waffen SS ‘Wolfsangel’ banner.

In the following Newsweek article from September 11th, atrocities such as beheadings are reported and Amnesty International (who previously had remained silent during earlier atrocities by Kievs Nazis) attempt to seek an understanding of the chain of command in order to find out specifically how the Nazi battalions are incorporated into Ukraines military command structure.

Excrpt: “According to the government these volunteers always operate under an overall command and control of one of their regular forces,” Denis Krivosheev of Amnesty International told Newsweek.

Amnesty’s report, however, indicates Kiev’s loose regulation on volunteer groups and its “members… act with virtually no oversight or control”.

Amnesty has asked for Kiev to clarify the legal status and affiliation of its volunteer battalions and fully integrate them into “clear chains of command”, making all of its servicemen aware of international law and implementing “effective investigations” into abuses of human rights.

Washington D.C.’s ‘The Hill’ even points out the obvious Nazi aspect for the first time…..unfortunately, it’s mixed in with their other deceptive propaganda.

Sabra Ayers who writes for the LA Times and this Reuters article, ties it all together. They are a legitimate military arm of the new Kiev coup government.

Even Vice News which has conducted over 77 HD Video Dispatches on the conflict finally conducts an expose’ on the Nazi battalions.

Keep in mind that Vice News reporters have been riding around in vehicles with these same units for the past 4 months. Vice News can be fully exposed as a propaganda arm of the US government at this point in time due to the fact that they supplied the video material that was used to deceive the public in regards to the east Ukrainian rebels and looting of the MH-17 crash site. Link to video proving the manipulation of Vice News material.

The website exposes the HD propaganda outlet Vice News in better detail.

The LA Times has also, for the first time, reported the truth about refugees, who the separatists really are and the fact that the citizens blame Poroshenko for killing and displacing them. This article is also a major shift.

By this point in time, anyone who has an understanding of basic military command structure and the conflict at hand, is aware that the US has on the ground military advisors working in collaboration with the military branch of Kiev government. Anyone familiar with the abbreviation SMEAC (Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration, Command and Logistics) fully understands that there is no way possible that these Nazi battalions are not part of the Ukrainian military command structure which the US is aiding. They obviously receive equipment, commands and logistical support from the Kiev Ministry of Defense. As a matter of fact Petro Poroshenko and Oleg Lyashko have filmed themselves on numerous occasions addressing these Nazi battalions. Porosheko recently made a trip to Mariupol where the ‘Azov’ battalion is currently operating as a show of strength. The Guardian UK, which has been complicit and intentionally deceptive in covering up atrocities in Ukraine, reports on the Azov battalion.

Azov battalion operating in Mariupol with international mercenaries during earlier Kiev military takeover of the city.

Oleg Lyashko operating with Nazi ‘Aidar’ Battalion wearing Ukrainian national military uniforms and insignia conducting interrogation and torture of prisoners (note slashes to arms and legs). In this video he threatens the prisoners with death.

Lyashko again with a nazi battalion conducting abductions of officials that voted to separate in the May 11th referendum. Notice all the military equipment and tents at this checkpoint.

Al Jazeera early June expose’ on the Ukrainian Nazi battalions.

Nazis in formation in Kiev plus the killing of innocent civilians including elderly hospital patients in wheelchairs at the 25:33 mark Graphic Warning:

Global research covers more on foreign fighters in the Nazi battalions.

Members of the Donbass Battalion demand Poroshenko end the cease fire back in June. They got their wish.

Aidar battalion operating under the Ukrainian flag with Ukrainian military supplied equipment including jeeps and command vehicles.

The following video is the Pro Nazi Azov battalion indoctrination ceremony in June which was filmed by numerous media organizations, including Poroshenkos own “Chanel 5” news. Notice brand new uniforms, body armor, weapons and Wolfsangel flag.

Poroshenko in uniform with the nazi battalions during his fake ‘cease fire’ back in June. Notice the kissing of the baby at the end. (A prime example of how low the US media…including Reuters….have fallen.)

And now for the opposite view.

Interview with rebel soldiers of Novorossiya as they explain the difference between themselves and the Nazis from the West. Of course, the Western media has constantly falsely framed the separatists as Russians, however, it is far from the truth. The majority are made up of the men, and even brave women, of the East Ukrainian (now Novorossiya) Russian speaking population which numbered 7.5 million before the conflict. One million of these civilians have now become refugees seeking safety in Russia.

The above information is posted in order to give a more accurate picture of who these nazi battalions truly are and who is in charge of them. There is substantial evidence that they operate under the jurisdiction and authorization of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. They are not rogue units who operate on their own. They receive command information and logistical support as well as equipment and weaponry from the new coup Kiev government. That government is fully supported by the US and EU, therefore those governments are also complicit in the crimes and atrocities being conducted by these pro Nazi groups. In 2014, there is substantial video evidence available on the internet to prove that the Western powers have knowingly and willingly climbed into bed with murderous Nazis. Those Nazis have conducted numerous false flag attacks against innocent civilians. Why these Nazis are not being considered by the US and European governments and media as potential suspects in the shoot down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH-17 (considering it was conducted by one of only two groups) is a logical question. One that needs to be examined much, much further. These Nazis had the means, the motive, the opportunity, the ability and they seem to have benefitted most from the event. They also presented the audio ‘evidence’ (35 minutes after the shoot down) that pointed towards the separatists as the individuals who performed the horrific act. That audio evidence has been analyzed by the Russian government and proven to have been faked. The fact that they have intentionally lied in relation to whether they had BUK missile systems in the shoot down zone should be a sign that they know more and that they should be considered fully suspect. The Associated Press photographed them with full BUK SAM systems loaded on trucks near Slavyansk on July 4th, 2014. Note that the rebels have no planes. therefore the Ukrainian military would have no normal need for these BUKs.

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The fact that our Western media and the Dutch Safety Board have ignored the BBC’s own deleted eyewitness testimony should also speak volumes about how the Ukrainian military are being given a free pass when it comes to the possibility that they shot down MH-17 in order to frame the rebels and thereby gain support for their nefarious war.

It is time for people to look deeper into these events…..our media is lying to us……it is a proven fact…..they covered up the Nazis in Ukraine for the past 6 months. They rushed out a massive smear campaign against the Novorossiya rebels as soon as MH-17 crashed…..and then they went completely silent. Now the ‘investigation’ slowly leaks information…but in the modern day forensic analysis of the chemical composition of residues left in the holes of the fuselage can be conducted in a relatively fast time frame. In other words, they already know what pierced the cockpit of MH-17. They also have already examined fragments within the pilots bodies. Why are they not letting the public know what they found out? Could it be because it suits their cause to delay the process and fit the evidence around the already put forth narrative? These are legitimate questions in light of the fact that the US and European powers as well as their media organizations have a personal stake in the outcome of what happened to MH-17. They have supported the Ukrainian Nazis.