The Roundup for September 15th, 2014

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Hey there folks! It’s the start of a brand new week.

International Politics


– When it comes to U.S. foreign policy, it is fair to say it takes into account other major powers such as Russia

– International countries at a summit in Paris vowed to defeat the Islamic State by “whatever means necessary

Middle East

– The White House denied Syrian rebels were in a pact with ISIL forces

– Still, the U.S. faces a huge conundrum in Iraq in terms of ISIL forces as air strikes will not be enough

– The U.S. warned the Syrian government not to respond to U.S. air strikes or else

– An Iraqi official said it was a mistake not to allow Iran to join in the coalition against ISIL


– British Prime Minister David Cameron said it would be a “painful divorce” if Scotland became independent

– A journalist in Slovenia is facing jail time after revealing government links to a neo-Nazi group

– In a phone call to Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel asserted Russia would need to remove its troops from Ukraine for peace

Surveillance Planet

– In terms of civil liberties, large telecommunication firms worry more about their profit than our liberties

– Google announced requests by the U.S. government for user data grew by 250 percent in the past year

– As New Zealand government officials went on-the-record to tell the public there was no mass surveillance program, there actually was a mass surveillance program; Dan has more here

– Edward Snowden: “New Zealand’s prime minister isn’t telling the truth about mass surveillance

– Speaking of Snowden, Switzerland would grant safe passage to him if he assists their investigative efforts on U.S. spying

– The European Court of Human Rights will investigate the GCHQ for its surveillance of journalists

Financial Matters

– Gallup: 49 percent of Americans say there is too much government regulation of business, while 22 percent say there is too little

– Dean Baker: “Obamacare and Family Values: Parents Get to Stay Home With Children

– Bill Black joins The Real News to discuss Attorney General Eric Holder’s policy on going after homeowners rather than bankers

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Some workers in the U.S. have seen their income dwindle due to their debt as collectors take money from their salary

– Uber workers protested at its headquarters in New York City for their poor wages 

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: 61 percent of Americans trust the judicial branch compared with the other two branches

– Pew: 53 percent of Americans are in favor of President Barack Obama’s plan against ISIL; Very interesting to see Democrats support it like Republicans do

– A Wall Street capitalist said Mitt Romney may run in 2016 for the presidential election

– With former military officials appearing on television to talk about the benefits of war against ISIL, it raises the question of whether there is an effort by government agencies to push them to control the narrative; It’s like Iraq all over again

– The Obama administration will launch a program to stop Muslims in the U.S. from joining ISIL; Aren’t there books showing this never turns out well?

Anytown USA

– Three black women were accused of being prostitutes by a luxurious hotel in Manhattan. They weren’t, if you’re wondering.

– In Alburquerque, N.M., an officer who killed an unarmed man led a shooting tournament sponsored by the NRA

– A new poll found 62 percent of white residents in Ferguson, Mo., believe the Michael Brown shooting was justified

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Sierra Leone claimed the World Health Organization did a poor job in attempting to evacuate an Ebola-infected doctor who died

The Second Sex

– Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY): I was not able to tell harassers off and I will not name any names, it is important to discuss this on the national stage

– A new poll from the UK found more than one-third of female college students received unwanted sexual advances

– It is a major problem when low-income women are unable to pay for birth control. Furthermore, we must not forget the issue of class when it comes to such an issue.

Planet Earth

A new study found drinking water in Texas and Pennsylvania was contaminated as a result of hydrofracking

– Naomi Klein: “Climate Change Is a People’s Shock

– With two new reports warning on the decline of bird populations, it further reinforces how wildlife is at risk of extinction

– In what is indicative of our climate today, August was recorded as the hottest month ever

– Dahr Jamail: “Senior Employees ‘Screwed’ by BP

Mixed Bag

– Dave Zirin: “Why NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Must Go and Who Should Replace Him

– Speaking of the NFL, three experts on domestic violence were hired by the league to change its domestic violence policy

Break Time

Bad Dog No Biscuits [The Seatbelts]

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