Estimates of the number of deaths caused by the illegal and inhumane United States of America war in Iraq (2003) range from 500,000 to over 1.2 million. Either way, that’s alot of murders. Most people on the planet want those murderers, led by Bush and Blair, put in prison.

It’s estimated that the number of deaths caused by United States of America imperialism in Iraq since 1990 is well over 3 million, including 750,000 children. Some are calling it genocide.

Remember the democratic President Clinton’s Secretary of State Albright’s infamous statement, “We think it was worth it”, when asked about the deaths of half a million children in Iraq due to the cruel and sadistic sanctions placed on Iraq? They don’t deny it, those that rule over us. They think it’s worth it. They think killing people is worth it in the big picture, they REALLY do.

Now along comes ISIS, a creation of and for U.S. imperialism. It was created partially to provide an excuse to get rid of Maliki, which has been done, and insert a more pliable PM that will appreciate all the United States of the Land of the Free has done for the good people of Iraq. It was also created to provide an excuse for the United States of Bombing and Killing to do it’s thing again in Iraq and Syria. But in the case of Iraq, only if they ask nicely.

That part of the plan appears to be paying off.

“Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called on Wednesday for the international community to help Iraq fight Islamic State, urging them “to act immediately to stop the spread of this cancer”

“Of course our role is to defend our country, but the international community is responsible for protecting Iraq and protecting Iraqis and the whole region,” Abadi said at the close of his meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry, who was on a surprise visit to Baghdad.”

John “the current Liar of State” Kerry, chimed in with his special brand of perverted logic, representing the United States of We Won’t Do It Again We Promise:

“The government of Iraq has invited the United States of America and asked for help. It has asked for help from the United States; it has asked for help from its neighbors, from other countries in the region. And under international law, when a country is invaded and a country invites somebody to come in and help them, we have every right in the world to respond to that request.”

Damn right Kerry! THEY ASKED US!!!  Who are we to turn down a friend in need.   “We” have every right in the world don’t we John? Ya baby, we’re the United States of We Have Every Damn Right in the Damn World man. Nothing can stop us.

What about Syria John? You don’t need an invite from them?

That’s like a group of family survivors of a notorious serial killer asking that serial killer to protect them from another serial killer. Except worse of course.

It doesn’t matter that “we’ve” killed over 3 million of their people or nearly one million of their children. It doesn’t matter that “we” illegally attacked their country and now want to illegally attack it again. It doesn’t matter that “we” want to break the country up forever so it isn’t Iraq anymore. Iraq NO MORE. That doesn’t matter because the new Prime Minister and John “the Plastic Man” Kerry kissed and made up, and they asked “us”.

George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Tony Blair can rest easy now. It’s all good. Iraq just wants our help and “we’re” glad to give it.

Big Al

Big Al