Late Night: Independence Yea or Nay?

England really has been a bit of dick towards Scotland (as John Oliver puts it) — going all the way back to “The Hammer of the Scots,” King Edward I, who apparently made it his life’s mission, his Great Cause, to conquer Scotland. After he whipped Wales’s ass, that is.

I wouldn’t dare insert myself in the upcoming “Yea or Nay” on the referendum for Scotland’s independence, but here’s Groundskeeper Willie to explain the vote:

Now both sides of this argument have valid points…

But John Oliver, the British ex-pat, wants Scotland to stay. He’s begging. You’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting a rump shot though (I was).


Obligatory Sean Connery pic:

Sean Connery with members of the United States Air Force Reserve’s Pipe and Drum Band, Tartan Day, 2004. That’s a Clan Maclean hunting tartan btw


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