Getting a film made — any film — is daunting proposition, and you’ve either got to have a lot of money or an incredible amount of will to pull it off.

Don’t Know Yet, a feature film written and directed by Terry Linehan, is an example of the latter. Linehan teaches Film Studies at UNCW and enlisted the department’s alumni and undergraduates as crew to get the film made on a micro budget. It actually looks really good for its limited resources, and kudos goes to cinematographer Joe Ensley who made the most out of the road movie’s settings.

The film is a sweet romantic story that you could comfortably show to the whole family, and Linehan managed to get a solid nuanced performance out of the film’s lead James Kyson. It doesn’t break a whole lot of new road movie ground, and don’t sit there waiting for locals to sneak up with clubs and beat Jack Nicholson to death. It does however get high marks for creative product placement of the knitted beards that appear prominently in the film.

If you’re bored with big, violent action movies that just want to blow stuff up and get lost in an orgy of CGI, Don’t Know Yet is a quirky non-threatening alternative. You won’t walk out feeling like you just got done watching the Sorrow and the Pity and your soul has been roiled, but it could be a welcome palliative for those who have grown world-weary and cynical with modern Hollywood fare.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

Jane is the founder of Her work has also appeared on the Huffington Post, Alternet and The American Prospect. She’s the author of the best selling book Killer Instinct and has produced such films Natural Born Killers and Permanent Midnight. She lives in Washington DC.
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