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What do you call supporters of a government that uses women & children as human shields?

There is an interesting correlation between supporters of a government that promotes the death of innocent women and children as human shields, and blaming America, Capitalism and Western Values for most problems in the world today.

After years of denying that women and children were used as mere fodder, there was a slick move recently to justify this use because, as they saw it, it was “unavoidable.”  After all, why use a military base when an apartment, school, Mosque or market was available across the street.  \  No matter the overwhelming evidence of women being second class citizens within the culture, not even women in this supportive group would stop supporting the Islamist movement, instead favoring the bash America and Jews movement.  No doubt, their cause had the better slogans.

Even as the evidence was building, the followers of Achmed the blogger could not spare their disdain to accept reality, instead insisting to support a culture that teaches hatred to Jews, America and western values–much like their own views.  Now that the government they support admits what has been known for years, do not expect the hate America and Jews crowd to change directions–they have too much of their money and slogans invested in supporting Hamas.

As they complain that they think the West is acting like Islamists, the truth is the Islamists are the archaic position of death and destruction. Even as the hate America and Jews crowd complains about Religion being the evil, they support the side justifying acts of murder based primarily on religious grounds.  And although the hate America crowd wants to justify the actions of the Islamists as a reaction to America, the Islamists continue to say the opposite–that their ideal of the Caliph, their desire for Sharia law and all the discrimination is prescribes, is based upon their religious beliefs first and foremost.  And even though the Islamists publicize their positions in charters for all to see, this hate America crowd is at the ready to “explain” what the Islamists “really” mean.

It is a sad state of affairs when the ones who pretend to fight propaganda are propagandists themselves.  They complain the information of the mainstream is illegitimate, while their information proves to be mere lies in support of a cause that uses woman and children, and especially their needless deaths, as a tool of their effort.

In this recent war we saw the outright denial by this group of a government that uses civilians as human shields–which now the government they support has had to admit was the truth because the evidence is overwhelming.  We saw an underground network of tunnels, paid for from charity given to help children, justified as the infrastructure of a city–no matter the weapons and systems in place in the tunnels to wage war.  We saw these propagandists blame America and Jews while they themselves were acting like the side they were complaining about.  And worst of all, their support of a government that used schools, hospitals and civilian housing to store and wage war.  They have finally become the enemy they decry.

It would be shortsighted to think that the support of the Islamists will wain.  As has been pointed out for decades, when the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews, we will have peace.  And with this group, we will have an honest discourse once this group truly loves honesty more than they hate America and Jews.  And as with the former, don’t hold your breath for any breakthrough any time soon.

As they decry the gains on the right, they fail to believe it is truly a response to them from the left–to the detriment of everyone.



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