Here in Lexington, KY it is sure a nice fall day today. Earlier this week, we had temps in the mid to upper 80s with some high humidity but early Thursday morning a cold front came through with a good deal of rain (three plus inches here although just 15 miles south they got less than a quarter inch of rain.) After the rain, the temps stayed in the low 70s on Thursday with a low Thursday night/Friday morning in the 50s. For most of the coming week we will have lows in the low 50s and the daytime highs might hit 70. Fall is definitely in the air although I know we will still get some more hot weather later this month and into October where it will once again be in the mid to upper 80s.

A quick check of der Google and it appears there has already been some snowfall out in the Rockies and upper Midwest. I think the earliest appreciable snowfall I’ve ever experienced was one year when I lived in Rome, NY and we got a few inches in late October.

College football always reminds me more of fall than the NFL does for some reason. It may just be the overall college pageantry but I have always much preferred the college game and its pseudo amateur status to the professionals of the NFL.

The baseball season is winding down and all the divisions and wild card races are counting down the “magic numbers.” Since my rooting interests are out of the race, I’m just spectating this year.

The picture there to the right kind of reminds me of the area around Derry, NH where Robert Frost once lived. Just south of Derry Village is the farm where Frost once lived. When I first lived in that area, I was easily able to see a bit of what Frost must have seen as he wrote his poetry.

So what about you? What are things like in your neck of the woods? Pull up a chair and let’s talk about things for a while.

Picture from Ed Schipul licensed under Creative Commons



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