As I write this recovering from a prescription drug overdose, I am reminded of what happened after 9/11. Americans were told that the enemy was going to return if they did not support war against the new threat. Hell, after 9/11 Americans became more paranoid and demanded that the government curtail civil liberties to protect them from the “evil Muslims” that existed in their own heads. But now, as most of you know, things have gotten worse. The government is already unleashing their talking points that we have to bomb ISIS out of existence and then get rid of Assad because they said so.

However, the propaganda has reached here in El Paso in the form of this report by KFOX:

These security measures are in response to the fallacious report by the anti-immigrant group Judicial Watch claiming that ISIS is in Juarez setting up camp. May I remind you that this group was founded by Larry Klayman who sued Obama for not being born here and even said that Obama should get off his knees and stop praying to Allah. Now, the only reason I am defending Obama in those cases is because I don’t care who he worships or where he was born. Also, this group has made associations with Alex Jones who once argued that the government was creating gay people and the usual conspiracy nonsense.

Also, the report by Judicial Watch makes no sense because they do claim that their report is sourced by “unnamed federal officials”, but I find that to be hilarious because who are these alleged officials? This is not Watergate or any other scandal where there were real sources and real people attached.

I have become frustrated with KFOX so much I called them and emailed them telling them how factually inaccurate their reporting was and not mentioning Judicial Watch’s previous false assertions of terrorism and their associations with conspiracy theorists. This is one of infinity reasons why I hate the corporate media.  Never fall for the propaganda.




I am a libertarian who supported Ron Paul in the 2008 elections and I intend to support him in 2012. I am an open minded college student who has joined atheist, socialist, and feminist organizations to understand their message and to convey my message of liberty in an effective manner. I am up for debate but I always know when we can reach common ground. I live in West Texas and have lived here for my life. I love to listen to progressive metal like Dream Theater, thrash metal like Metallica and Pantera, but I love to eat all sorts of food that tickle my taste buds.