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Video: Obama & Saudi Moderates Coalition Anthem- War Pigs by Jack Black

The United States  is forwarding the ruthless house of Saud dictatorship as the moderate force needed to serve as the boots on the ground required to defeat ISIS boogeyman they have created. As NATO ally Turkey refuses to partake in the carnage over a hostage situation and even old reliable, Britain, has declared no interest in the US bombing  campaign- yes, the coalition of the War Pigs.

Question:  Other than ISIS where do you see be-headings  taking place as a cultural norm? Right, the brutal Saudi dictatorship from which ISIS emanated and is financed by. The US, once again, giving the arsonist a petro chemical plant and a get out of jail free card in an attempt to resolve  situation.

ISIS does not have a Navy, Army or Air Force and would need to purchase a commercial airline ticket to get to the US- a formidable threat indeed.

To understand the role the Saudi dictatorship is to play, as envisioned by the War Pigs, we must take a brief look at  the history of US/The House of Saud.

The US agrees to offer the dictatorship unlimited protection if the dictatorship will sell all its oil in dollars.

Osama Bin Laden demands that US remove its troops from the holy land of  Saudi Arabia and stop protecting the dictatorship from an uprising.

The Saudi’s finance 9/11 ( co-commish Bob Graham refuses to endorse 9/11 report because of refusal to release 28 redacted pages of Saudi involvement)

9/11 occurs

The US says either you are with us or against, talks tough

The US completely capitulates to Osama Bin Laden’s single demand, that  it remove it’s bases from the holy land, within months all bases closed

The US disregards that almost all the hijackers  are Saudi- attacks other countries

Saudi Arabians pouring over the border are responsible for over 65% of the suicide bombing deaths of American servicemen, the US threatens other nations for such suicide bombings

Bush travels to Saudi Arabia, blows the dictator, says nothing to stop the carnage of our servicemen

The Saudi Arabian dictatorship sends its Wahhabi-style suicide bombers to Syria.

The US calls the Wahhabi-style  suicide bombers/be-headers ” the moderate opposition”  offers full support

The suicide bombing/be-heading Saudi moderates engage in a chemical attack in Syria get caught with chemical weapons in Turkey

US demands that the Syrian people be bombed for such conduct.

The Saudi Arabian moderate suicide bombers/be-headers are renamed ISIS.

The Saudis having trained and funded the moderates, unleashes them on Iraq to collect the US supplied weapons

The Saudi moderates  behead a couple of Americans

Obama advocates funding Saudi moderates, boots on the ground, to fight themselves in Iraq and Syria. (video below)

With a little effort the War Pigs will invite the moderates to the White house with Mr. Black supplying the entertainment.




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