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Saudi Arabia and Obama to Host Training Site for “Moderate” Syrian Rebels. Say What?

This is unbelievable. But then again, what IS unbelievable anymore? Saudi Arabia has agreed to host a training camp for “moderate” Syrian rebels as part of Obama’s plan to fight ISIS. The narrative proposed by the government and corporate/state media is that Saudi Arabia is now worried about ISIS impacting their white gowned gravy train so they will help Obama in his fight against ISIS. This is the same Saudi Arabia that funded and armed ISIS under the direction of Obama, the CINC POTUS (dude who has all the power). That is common knowledge and readily found reported in the same corporate/state media.

But check this out:

“Obama announced he had authorized stepped-up U.S. airstrikes in Iraq and for the first time would extend the aerial assault into Syria, where he also vowed to beef up support for moderate rebels fighting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.”

Read more:

On the one hand they’re saying that Saudi Arabia is on board to train the so called rebels to help fight ISIS, keep it from it’s borders and influencing it’s people. On the other hand, Obama wants to “overthrow” Assad in Syria, which obviously is the reason he wants them trained, armed and organized.   The purpose isn’t to destroy ISIS, it’s to use ISIS as a cover to bomb and destroy Syrian military assets so the Syrian government can’t withstand the onslaught from the newly trained and armed rebels, including ISIS, and their CIA backers.

Which is exactly what everyone that knows the deal has been saying all along. That Obama is using the threat of ISIS to accomplish what he hasn’t been able to do in over three years, overthrow the Assad government and tear up Syria like he did with Libya. He couldn’t get it done last year with the false flag chemical weapons attack so the CIA came up with Plan B.

The same people, countries, governments that created, recruited, funded, armed, and directed ISIS are now pretending to want to wipe ISIS off the proverbial map. But it’s all a lie. Again. As usual.

Why should that surprise anyone?

Why should anyone believe their lies?

Why is there even any doubt?

I watched a video today of a noted actor presenting part of Eugene Debs famous antiwar speech he gave in 1918 that ended him in jail. It’s amazing how it applies EXACTLY today. It’s always the same and yet somehow our rulers manage to convince enough of the people enough of the time. Or maybe that just doesn’t matter anymore, maybe it never did.


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