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It is a beautiful morning.

International Politics


– Henry A. Giroux: “Remembering Hiroshima in an Age of Neoliberal Barbarism

– U.S. officials confirm President Barack Obama is ready to fire air strikes in Syria, which highlights a change in Middle East policy. This is perhaps a desperate move considering things are not so favorable for him.

Middle East

– Despite a new Iraqi government being formed, it is likely this new government will follow U.S. goals in the region; It is important to note Secretary of State John Kerry said he was “encouraged” by this new government

– Speaking of Iraq, a town there is under siege by the Islamic State and they are calling for help; In addition, bombings in the country killed at least 30 people

– In what is certainly significant, a new poll found 36 percent of Israelis are considering emigrating

– While we understand the U.S. is terrible at foreign policy, we must ask why they expect to get their way

Asia and Oceania

– Afghan officials report an air strike by the U.S. (or NATOkilled 11 civilians and injured 12

– Japan will be restarting two nuclear reactors although the community’s reaction is something officials are considering

– Bad news as thousands of Pakistanis have been forced out of their homes as floodwaters rise. More than 450 people have died as a result of flooding.


– Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah Al Thani denied the United Arab Emirates and Egypt were involved militarily in the country

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.