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Obama Says He Will Expand War To Syria And Beyond

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In a prime time speech President Barack Obama declared that he would destroy the Islamic militant group ISIS saying they were a “group of killers” that threatened “American citizens, personnel, and facilities” in the region and beyond. If not destroyed, Obama claimed, ISIS would attack America. Though he acknowledged that US intelligence had not detected any specific threats to date, Obama argued that because ISIS had foreign fighters within it that included US and EU citizens it could easily become an organization that targeted the US and EU with terrorist attacks.

Obama disclosed that the US had conducted over 150 airstrikes in Iraq against ISIS which had killed members of ISIS. After warning that killing members of ISIS would lead to retaliation, ISIS killed two American citizens who it had in captivity – James Foley and Steve Sotoloff – in response to Obama’s airstrikes in Iraq. The two killings were mentioned by Obama as grounds for further attacks.

President Obama said his objective was to “degrade and destroy” ISIS – with airstrikes that will expand beyond current “defensive” objectives throughout Iraq and into Syria. Obama claimed it was a “core principle” of his presidency that threatening America would lead to military retaliation. He then said he was sending more troops to Iraq but that they would “not have a combat mission.”

After claiming the Assad government would “never regain legitimacy” Obama said he wanted Congress to give him new authorities to fight ISIS in Syria – a move that will help the Assad government stay in power.

Obama also said he “welcomed” congressional support though said he already had the authority to expand the war into Syria. Which, oddly, provided a pivot for Obama to talk about American scientists, the auto industry, Ukraine, Ebola, and confidence in the economy.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.