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President Barack Obama will speak tonight on his plan to deal with the Islamic State (also known as ISIS and ISIL), an Islamic militant group that controls territory in Syria and Iraq. In controlled leaks to reporters it has been disclosed that the speech will focus on expanding the bombing campaign in Iraq into Syria as part of a military campaign to destroy ISIS. ISIS is supported by Qatar while Saudi Arabia supports Al Nusra/Al Qaeda in Syria.

ISIS originally started in Jordan and spread to Syria and then Iraq. The Sunni Islamic group has found support – both political and military – in Sunni dominant areas of Syria and Iraq. In Syria ISIS has taken territory lost by the Assad government due to the Syrian Civil War while in Iraq ISIS found support due to the actions of the Shiite Maliki government which was accused both by Iraqis and the US of discriminating against Sunni Iraqis. Currently, both the US and Shitte dominated Iran are attacking ISIS in Iraq.

A year ago today President Obama gave a speech calling for regime change in Syria saying that Syrian President Bashir Assad had to resign – the speech failed to resonate among the American people, including those in Congress. Tonight Obama will be promoting a military campaign that, if successful, will help the Assad government stay in power.

Part of the speech will reportedly focus on continuing to arm and train the so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels – something President Obama has already called a “fantasy” given the weakness of the moderate Syrian rebels. Obama had to bypass a law against arming terrorists to arm the Syrian rebels previously.

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.