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Amish Gifts and Baked Goods

Morning Firedogs !

Took a trip the other day out to a little Amish shop just past Middlefield. Small and quaint, a place my cousin found. Not the first time I had been there. Stopped by once before after going to the Fair with her and my brother. Located on a farm in a converted barn like structure.

They had baked goods up front and home made clothes behind that. In the back was gifts and blankets and home made quilts. Home made preserves as well. All made by Amish folks in the area.

The baked goods were make the traditional way and baked in wood fired cast iron ovens. And I must say are very good. Especially the breads, which I bought four loaves of this time. Three cinnamon raisin and one wheat.

There is just something about home made bread that anything you get in even a bakery cannot match. The flavor and texture is so much better. I have yet to master the baking of bread but when the weather gets cooler, I will attempt it again. Baking is an art as much as a science. I can make Finnish Pula sweet bread pretty well but other breads not so much. You really have to learn how to get the necessary texture and moistness. The correct volume when rising it and the temperature when baking. Recipes are a guide but that is all. It does take practice to get it right. I have a slice of the cinnamon raisin in the morning with my breakfast and it is good !

I also looked at the quilts there, one of which is being raffled of as a prize to a local festival.  They are pretty pricey but well worth the money. I love quilts to keep warm in the winter. And a couple of hand make rocking chairs too. Carpentry I am sad to say is NOT one of my best things.

When I go to the fair I am sure to go through the crafts exhibits and I always marvel at the items there.

So what has anyone made lately ?

As always any subject is fine here.

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