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The Roundup for September 8th, 2014

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Start of a brand news week folks. How are you doing?

International Politics


– Mark Weisbrot: “[Islamic State] war needs to be debated in Congress and the UN Security Council

– It should be noted Jen Psaki, an official with the State Department, said more than 40 countries were willing to join an effort to defeat ISIL; It is interesting the U.S. did not consider Iran a part of that coalition

– Journalist Gary Younge explains the contradictions within U.S. foreign policy with the latest contemporary issues

– Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated there would be an asymmetrical response to new sanctions by the West

Middle East

– Minority groups in Iraq still refuse to return to their “liberated” cities fearing more violence

– Intelligence provided by Israel is being used to support the U.S. bombings against ISIL

– Most cabinet members of incoming Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s party were approved by the Iraqi parliament

– It seems ISIL is using weapons supplied, not directly, from the U.S. and Saudi Arabia

– In response to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ comment on the “shadow government” in Gaza, Hamas accused Abbas of ruining the coalition government


– Human Rights Watch reported militant groups fighting in Tripoli, Libya, committed war crimes


Part two of two with Professor David Mandel about the oligarchs in the Ukraine and the history of the country with Russia

– LiveJournal, a U.S. blogging company, assisted the Russian government in blocking access to a critic of President Vladimir Putin. The error message that appears when looking up Alexis Navalny only exists for users in Russia.

– Spain spent almost €1 billion for riot gear, although wouldn’t it be better to use that money for citizens there?

– The UN said more than 3,000 people were killed in Ukraine since the beginning of the fighting; Meanwhile, pro-Russian rebels in the east freed more than 1,200 prisoners

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

-In Santiago, Chile, a bomb exploded near an underground train station and at least 10 people were wounded. The Chilean government said it was by terrorists.

Financial Matters

– Economist William Black explains to The Real News the plan of Ecuador to implement a digital currency, which is intended to help the people there

– Dean Baker: “The Inflation Fighters Want to Increase the Debt Burden on Our Children

– A new Harvard study found the wealth gap in the U.S. is “unsustainable” and is not likely to improve in the future

– We must question a system that believes profit can be found even in the misery of others

Labor’s a-Brewing

– While immigration reform is important, we must not forget, as journalist Michelle Chen writes, the importance of labor rights

A very powerful article (and related to the above) on how street vendors in places like Chicago, Ill., are harassed by police officers for selling food without a license. The issue is that the city government does not trust such vendors for health reasons, however interest groups are attempting to change that.

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: With two months left until the midterm elections, approval of Congress is currently 14 percent

– As a new poll shows, Americans are in favor of forcing the rich to pay the same tax rate for Social Security. However, with such support, those in Washington will not be so active to follow through with their constituents’ wishes

– As a result of receiving money from large coal companies, some Republican lawmakers in Washington D.C. are investigating the Environmental Protection Agency for alleged “collusion” with other environmental groups. Specifically, the EPA colluded with them for new carbon emissions rules.

– Zalmay Khalilzad, a former U.S. ambassador under the Bush administration is being investigated for money laundering

– Emptywheel: “New Email Release Shows: Peter King Demanded an Investigation To Find Journalist’s Sources Like Peter King“; Rep. Peter King (R-NY) cannot be this clueless, right?

Anytown USA

– Chris Hedges: “Driving American Politics Underground

– Tim Wu, Democratic candidate for New York State’s lieutenant governor, argues why he is suing the state’s Democratic Party after it was found spending money for current Governor Andrew Cuomo.

– Newly released video of New York Police Department officers shows cops beating an unarmed man

– Glenn Greenwald: “Americans now fear ISIS sleeper cells living in the U.S., overwhelmingly support military action

We Don’t Need No Education

– Gallup: 70 percent of Americans support the idea of using federal funds for “high-quality” pre-kindergarten programs

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The World Health Organization expects the number of Ebola cases in Liberia to grow exponentially

– A government audit found the Department of Homeland Security would not be able to handle a pandemic despite spending for supplies

The Second Sex

– After new video surfaced of NFL player Ray Rice beating his wife (fiance at the time) in Atlantic City, N.J., the NFL announced an indefinite suspension. Journalist Dave Zirin has more on this here.

– Jessica Valenti: “Bravo for Wendy Davis, but women’s abortions are none of your business

Planet Earth

– It seems it is easier to ban the use of alternative energy like solar power for home owners than it is to ban harmful energy like fracking

– Peter Nygård, a rich Canadian capitalist, possesses an estate in the Bahamas. The issue is that the estate is a threat to the environment as he, despite warnings not to do so, expands his estate.

– A district attorney in Bristol County, Mass., dropped charges against two environmentalists and supported their decision of activism by vowing to go the People’s Climate March on Sept. 20-21.

– Dahr Jamail: “From Pine Beetles to Disappearing Glaciers, NASA Scientists Tell of “Dramatic” Planetary Changes

– Based on findings from a new project, Canada is the leading nation in terms of forest degradation

– Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese: “Climate Alarms Ringing, UN Fails to Act

– Excess of fresh water is to blame for the rapid pace at which Antarctic ice is melting

Mixed Bag

– The Real News talks with Marcellus Buckley, who is dubbed “Ferguson’s poet,” about what happened in the city and how he uses his poetry

– Rick Perlstein: “Watergate’s most lasting sin: Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, and the pardon that made us all cynics

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