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Some hand-outs are not enough for the Palestinian leadership

It is widely understood that the Palestinians do use their woman and children as human shields, fighting a war purposefully from schools, Mosques and public areas.  Hamas executes those it “accuses” of wrong doing by grabbing them, dragging them to the street and executing them–just like ISIS.

The argument that the Palestinians simply want land for their own country is now also proven to be false:

Palestinians Offered State Five Times The Size Of Palestine By Egyptian President, Abbas Rejects

I can certainly understand wanting particular land, but this is truly wanting all of Israel, just as they have been accused from the beginning–but Israel and Jew haters loved to deny.

If my family was being persecuted, as the Palestinians claim, murdered, as the Palestinians claim, made to live under Apartheid , as the Palestinians claim–we would move.  Now the Palestinians have a safe place to move.  This war has never been about land which an entity such as the Palestinians HAVE EVER had as a nation.  This is about radical Islamists not wanting a Jewish state in their neighborhood–just as the PLO and Hamas Charters have explained for more than 50 years.

Keep your money flowing people.  They need new catchy slogans to defend them in future wars they start.

This has never had anything to do with peaceful coexistence on the State level.  Just like Mein Kampf, they put in writing exactly what they want, and the haters and apologists ignore it, justify it, and make excuses for it.  And in this case, pay for it.   I still want to believe the common Palestinian prefers peace, but they do vote for these leaders.  I want to believe that with this new offer, and further negotiations for “historic” land, that peace is possible.  But it has never been this way, and the Arab “leaders” freely explain why.

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