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Over Easy: Monday Science

Chaos and Trouble deign to greet their admirers.


Fukushima Update:

The official position is that dropping the 1000lb console into the #3 SFP did no additional damage. They’ve been removing debries from the #3 SFP remotely for quite awhile and they’re quite behind schedule. Fuel rods ARE damaged in the #3 SFP, scans of the water indicate busted rods. And if the differene explosion came from there, those rods are WAY damaged.

But don’t worry. Japan’s Minister of the Economy tells us that “contaminated water at Fukushima I Nuke Plant is under control” and “the effect of radioactive materials inside the plant harbor is completely blocked”. She is also pushing for the restart of all Japan’s NPP’s.

The workers at Fukushima are suing TEPCO for better pay. They’d like a little risk premium for committing suicide slowly.

TEPCO admits that the Fuku #3 meltdown was worse than initially reported. Worse than TEPCO reported,  but right in line with what independent experts were saying.

More concrete for Fuku bay. TEPCO is gradually admitting they killed that bay and they have no chance of removing the radioactives.  The bay probably contains most of the reactor #3 debris from the different explosion.

Fuku governor sets conditions for accepting waste at the Fuku site, including that the waste be removed in 30 years. No doubt that the JG will agree to those conditions. But I bet in 30 years, they’ll declare that temp dump to be the perm dump and apologize to the Governor.

If we decommission two old reactors, will you let us restart two newer ones? Please? Looks like a camels nose slipping under that tent there…

TV News program runs subtitle “We ran out of time to report about Fukushima related news”. The director posted a note saying that if he died, suspect murder. He committed suicide a few days later. Officially.

Buddhist singing bowls used to design more efficient Solar cell. They resonate with light the way the bowl resonates with sound. Cool!

Jack the Ripper identified via DNA trace? Well, maybe.

Copper Age settlement discovered in Spain.

Artificial cells!   Wow!

Blue whales are making a comeback. See what happens if we stop killing them?

And I have a regular colonscopy scheduled for tomorrow, so I’ll be a bit scarce then. Ah, the joys of aging!

Boxturtle (But for at least one day, I will be provably NOT full of $#!+)

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