One might be tempted to believe that DHS and the PTB expect an insurrection to quash, or something…  and today I almost used the term ‘Pigs’, because the killings by cops just keep on rolling at an ever-accelerating rate.

Below the video:

‘Urban Shield is an annual training event for 150 local,
state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies
hosted by the Alameda County Sheriffs Department. Vendors
promote the latest in law enforcement technologies. This
includes automatic, and semi automatic weapons .

Surveillance drones, and non lethal crowd control weapons. Officers engage in 54 training scenarios in cities throughout the bay area. Urban shield is cleverly billed as a first responders training, for fire departments and emergency response teams.  A majority of the 7 plus million dollar funding from the Department of Homeland security carries an emphasis on law enforcement. Particularly counter terrorism training. Fire and safety training becomes an anti terrorism training to contain an anarchist bomber, and a standard police search for a criminal, becomes a manhunt for an extremist.

The weapons being showcased are military grade weapons that have already been used on battlefields in, Iraq,and Afghanistan. The training is done by international human rights violators; Israel, China, Brazil, and others. On September 5th 2014 the people are invited to gather at Park Blvd Plaze, On Park Blvd and Ivy. @11:30am. There are two events taking place in conjunction with one another, but both related by Urban Shield, and the IDF training that American police are receiving.’

Over 30 SWAT teams and some Marines participated, among others.

This giddy nine-minute video was made by Combat Sports Programming Network (CSPN, get it?) from inside the conference. Bring an airsick bag.

This is Urban Shield’s website; none of the videos worked for me, but ‘Top Performers in 2013’ and ‘Supporting Members’ are on the right sidebar. Yum.

Yes, several hundred protestors indeed shut down Broadway for several hours, and kept people out of the Marriott Hotel, where the festivities have been taking place, for about two hours. reports that Oakland Mayor Jean Kwan says that the disaster preparedness conference and training exercise that drew protests Friday evening’ won’t be held there next year.  This was the second year that it was, and the eighth for Alameda County.

‘Quan said that in the wake of a controversial police shooting and protests in Ferguson, Missouri last month that drew a heavy-handed police response, Oakland officials have fielded questions about police use of military-style hardware.

“It’s important to note that OPD has no military surplus hardware at all, and no fully-automatic weapons,” she said.’

The vendors inside had been busy since September 4, and for the past two days, ‘training exercises’ have been poppin’ all over the city, including BART and the Golden Gate.

Mother Jones journalist Shane Bauer has been covering events and products at the conference; some of his Twitter pics and captions are in the article at the link.  I’ll embed a few others on his Twitter account, or link to the captions.

You will no doubt have pity for the poor, poor, Po-Po’s, as they show you how beleaguered they truly are, and why they must fight back against ‘We, the Rabble’.

“The guy selling this told me to remember, “We are the flock, not the wolves.”

Loads of hardware, including Drones for Cops, portable ‘results in 90 minutes’ DNA machines, and even…softwear!

(One wag asked in the comments: “Is that a person surrendering, with their hands up on the shirt on the right?”

And boy, howdy, are they racists:

…but clever blokes, nonetheless….not to mention funny…

If you don’t put your hands up you’re going to get fucking shot,” yells a US Marine at the #UrbanShield exercise.

Bauer also noted that: “The largest SWAT agency in California is run by the corrections department. They have 19 teams across the state, 495 people, they told me.”  He also asked this probing question:

If SWAT teams are needed for muggings, pedophiles & suicide response, why have regular cops?”  To serve and protect?

But yes, cops really are up against it, aren’t they?  Like Deputy Steven Lyles of Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department. He’s been cleared for shooting an unarmed man napping. Or the cops in Laredo who shot a man to death who was known to them to be schizophrenic for carrying a gun that police swore was a semi-automatic handgun, but was in fact, a pellet gun.

From RT:

‘According to authorities, police spent around five minutes attempting to negotiate with 30-year-old Jose Walter Garza before the man made an “offensive gesture,” then allegedly aimed the would-be weapon — a pellet gun made to resemble a semiautomatic handgun, according to the Laredo Morning Times — at the cops who then opened fire.

“He put his finger in the trigger guard and pointed it at the officers,” Joe E. Baeza, an investigator and police spokesperson, told the paper.’

(Cousin Andrea) Martinez told the Daily News the family expects to get Garza’s body back Wednesday. Garza’s grandmother, with whom Garza lived, wanted to bury him in a casket but that “changed after they saw his body,” the Daily News wrote.  Martinez told the Daily News that police shot at Garza at least 80 times and he was hit so many times that he “had no face.”  How can a person read that and not be incensed?

The accompanying video is excruciatingly hard to watch.  But ouch!; via CopBlock on Twitter was a link to: ‘Eyewitness: Laredo Police Knew it was a BB Gun Before Firing 80 Rounds Into Schizophrenic Man’, an interview with the Gateway truck stop owner who tells a very different story, even if one might not care for all of Victor Treviño’s opinions and questions about ‘too much lethal force’ or something.  And the piece also mentions ‘the case of Dillon Taylor last month, a 20 year old unarmed man executed outside of a 7-11 while also wearing headphones, unable to hear police orders, the police are already character assassinating Garza.

‘They are speaking about his criminal record and past convictions as if it some how relates to his gruesome fate. What we really need to be focusing on is the militarization and lack of due process becoming more and more apparent in this country.’

SOP police procedure now to smear the victims they dispatched like rabid dogs; journalists, too, although they struck out when a judge unsealed Michael Brown’s juvenile records.  Media could have had a field day, eh?

Consider also: ‘Brutal New Video Emerges of Gang Style Beatdown by NYPD Enraging video here’.  Fuck the police, and fuck you, Bill Bratton.  But no, militarization is not the only issue: it’s that Police can brutalize or murder any of the underclass with total impunity.

Consider Daniel Hozltclaw, OCPD officer: ‘Cop Accused of Beating, Raping Women While on Duty, Raising Funds While on Paid Leave’.  Of course, all his ‘alleged’ victims of sexual battery, indecent exposure, and oral sodomy and more were black women.  Rape is just one more form of violence and ultimate control, as we know.
Oh, my; so much outrage may not be sustainable or good for the soul, so I’d like to switch gears to offer a bit of an antidote for you and for myself, and include part of this wonderful meditation that from Thorn Coyle of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, her ‘Opposition is a Prayer’ :

‘Alan Blueford, Mike Brown, Kimani Gray, Ezell Ford, Anita Gay, Kelly Thomas, Oscar Grant, Gary King, Sean Bell, Kayla Moore, Andy Lopez…

Nine of us sat in prayer and meditation on cold concrete blocking the doors to the Oakland Marriott while across the driveway, where guests stepped out of cabs or limousines, others meditated, sitting or standing, holding signs decrying police militarization and violence. People also meditated facing the street. Others handed out fliers with information.

Monks chanted and drummed. Your names rose within me as I sat: a litany, a mantra. Something in me settled more deeply. A sense of great love washed through.

Mike Brown, Ezell Ford, Alan Blueford, Oscar Grant, Anita Gay, Gary King, Kimani Gray, Sean Bell, Andy Lopez, Kayla Moore, Eric Garner, Kelly Thomas…

Two people thanked us for being there. One man was upset, and tried to get past us, saying, “They have a right to protest, but they don’t have a right to inconvenience people!”

He was inconvenienced. Like Mike Brown, Kimani Gray, and Anita Gay were inconvenienced.

Like their families were inconvenienced.

Like Oscar Grant was inconvenienced, lying face down and cuffed on a train platform, shot to death at close range.

Like the people of Ferguson were inconvenienced by tear gas, concussion grenades, LRADs, armored vehicles and other weapons of war.

Like Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen was inconvenienced on the streets of Oakland when shot in the head by a lead bean bag which fractured his skull causing brain trauma, and then was gassed along with the medics who rushed  to help him.’

May we all engage in prayers in action like Thorn’s.

Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives.  I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.

~ John Lennon


And because to me, Commie punk-funk-hiphop rapper Boots Riley IS the militant voice of Oakland, and he wants people to dance and have fun while imagining taking it back:

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