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The Weekend Roundup for September 6-7th, 2014

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It’s the start of a whole new week. How are you?

International Politics


– The Malaysian government announced it would a send a team to the MH17 crash site to do an investigation on the shootdown

– It’s a Catch-22 for the U.S. for they will strengthen Syrian President Bashar al-Assad if they bomb Islamic State forces. However, not bombing them would only allow ISIL to grow.

Middle East

– Journalist Jeffrey St. Clair writes on the resistance of Gaza to Israeli aggression and how Israel is set on a path to failure

– Due to Syrian government strikes against ISIL forces, 29 people were killed

– “Hundreds of thousands” of Iraqi children, as a result of displacement due to the chaos, will be missing school

– Juan Cole: “The top five signs the US is de facto allied with Iran versus ISIL

– Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas stated the unity government with Hamas will end if the “shadow government” continues to exist in Gaza

Asia and Oceania

– Some supporters of Abdullah Abdullah, an Afghan presidential candidate, said he should have some power in the new unity government or else they will rebel

– Vietnam is currently building a naval deterrent, with help from Russia, to counter-act Chinese presence in the South China Sea


– Nigerian officials tried to reassure its citizens worried about the growth of Boko Haram, they will do everything they can to defeat the group

– With unexpected power shortages, Egyptian President al-Sisi told the public it had to be patient for things to return to normal

– After the death of their leader due to a U.S. air strike, al-Shabaab announced a new leader


– French Prime Minister Manuel Valls: National Front is at “the gates of power

Part one with Professor David Mandel on understanding what is happening in the Ukraine with international powers involved

– In contrast to a statement by an aide of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, four NATO states denied they would be sending weapons to Ukraine

– After a new poll found 51 percent of Scottish civilians supported a vote for independence, the UK government said Scotland could receive more administrative powers if it wanted

– After the ceasefire in Ukraine was broken as a result of an assault in Mariupol, both sides blamed each other

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada 

– Whatever progress was made with a truce in El Salvador in 2012, it only delayed the growth of violence in the country

Surveillance Planet

– It seems the hackers who obtained the nude photos of celebrities used government surveillance tools; Oh joy!

– Trevor Timm: “The police body-cam peep show: are you ready to give up your privacy, too?

Financial Matters

– While 56 percent of Americans view the computer industry positively, only 27 percent say the same for Internet companies

– As always, it seems the World Bank will be pushing for more human displacement for the benefit of the transnational capitalists

– Robert Reich: “The Bankruptcy of Detroit and the Division of America

– William Black joins The Real News to discuss discriminatory lending practices of banks, and its origin as a policy of the U.S. government

– Thomas Frank: “Finally, Wall Street gets put on trial: We can still hold the 0.1 percent responsible for tanking the economy

Labor’s a-Brewing

Great news to hear as school service workers in Los Angeles, Calif., will see their minimum wage raised to $15/hour

A powerful piece by a fast-food worker who went on strike for $15 in which he writes on how he felt going on strike

Politics US

Washington USA

– After it was found out the White House would step back from immigration reform, President Barack Obama played damage control

– The Security and Exchange Commission received more than one million comments over potential requirement where corporations must disclose their spending of political campaigns

– Emptywheel: “Awlaki Really Seems to Have Been Drone-Killed Exclusively on Presidential Authority

Anytown USA

– In St. Louis, Mo., there were 16 incidents in the first half of 2014 of police shootings and the victim was usually black.

– For black Americans, more police is not a necessity. Rather, a structural change can assist those who deserve help.

– It seems a man who was killed by police after allegedly threatening customers in a Wal-Mart with a BB gun did not actually threaten them. Rather, he was talking on the phone (while black) and looking at the BB gun.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported a growing number of measles cases, which can be blamed on parents who don’t vaccinate their children

The Second Sex

– It is important to remember how abortions was done before Roe v. Wade to understand the contemporary debate

– GoFundMe removed a fundraising effort for an abortion, yet would still find it okay to fund money for Darren Wilson.

– An officer in Oklahoma who sexually assaulted eight women will be held under house arrest

Planet Earth

– Liberals should be careful when dealing with environmental issues as major finance companies (i.e. Wall Street) are using them for their own benefits

– Good news as the population of blue whales off California’s coast is recovering

– The fine against BP over its actions in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill is good, but more is needed to prevent such events from recurring.

– Taxpayers in Texas will provide funds for a “clean energy” project, which is just another effort to aid the oil industry

– While there will be less snow in the future as a result of climate change, the blizzards will still be as harsh

Mixed Bag

– Fidel Castro: “Which Will Triumph: Just Ideas or Disaster?

Part one of eight with Eddie Conway, a former member of the Black Panther Party in the late 1960s, where he describes himself as an apathetic youth until his experiences in a racist U. S. Army

A great interview with activist Jeremy Hammond on life in prison and a review of his case

– Our life that revolves around consumption is an unnatural one that makes most Americans regret their decisions. It is indicative of a capitalist system that emphasizes the artificial aspects of our lives.

– For the men, the the Central Park Five, who were wrongfully convicted in 1989 were awarded $41 million

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Brandon Jordan

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