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Boots Riley Pwns Fox 8, Delivers Labor Day Message; & #Fightfor15 Nationwide Strikes

Boots appeared briefly (ahem) to talk about his band the Coup ahead of their appearance at the Lakewood Music Festival in Cleveland.  Note the subtitles, but no: they are not just translating the Alien Commie himself.  Torn Tights Woman: is that a fashion statement, or was her cat just happy to see her?

Ooopsie…  Boots laid out his truth, the truth,  even.  Frozen smile indicating: “You.did.not.just.say.that.” (Who yelled what into her earwig???)  Immediately afterward:

Boots’ de facto Labor Day message from Cleveland in a minute and a half:

As he said, this was just after he and the Coup had performed ‘We got the guillotine’ at the show.  Put on yer dancin’ shoes, ‘n turn it up!

Here he is on RT (12 minutes) expanding on the need for a widespread radical militant workers’ movement that can leverage Worker and People power to defeat the Capitalist Machine, i.e., stopping their institutions from functioning.

No, #FightFor15 and #StrikeFastFood didn’t shut down any joints with the nationwide one-day strikes yesterday, nor have the Walmart Supply chain strikes, but oh, may these actions multiply and build and eventually sting the capitalist class where it burns most: their wallets. Step by step, action by action…as with protesting police brutality, it lets others know that they have a right to demand justice, so inspire others to join in.

From  Nearly 500 Hundred Arrested as Fast-Food Workers Rise Up:

Strikes and protests in more than a hundred US cities reveals rapidly growing effort by labor unions and low-wage workers to join forces and reclaim power of organized people

Hundreds of fast-food workers and their supporters were arrested in cities across the country on Thursday as they stood up (and in some cases sat down) as they demanded a $15/hour minimum wage, the right to unionize, and better working conditions across the industry.

In what was the largest coordinated action yet by the low-wage workers movement that has been establishing itself over the last several years, nearly 500 people participated in civil disobedience that led to their arrest outside major fast-food chain restaurants, that included McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, and others.’

“You don’t communicate with anyone purely on the rational facts or ethics of an issue… It is only when the other party is concerned or feels threatened that he will listen — in the arena of action, a threat or a crisis becomes almost a precondition to communication… No one can negotiate without the power to compel negotiation… To attempt to operate on a good-will basis rather than on a power basis would be to attempt something that the world has not yet experienced.”
` Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals


(by Anthony Freda)


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