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The Country and the City


I moved from Florida back to North Eastern Ohio around 4 years ago. Now living in an up stairs apartment of a duplex in Garfield Heights, an older suburb of Cleveland. Just a bit east of do south of the city center. At then end of a street with a bigger than usual side yard and lots of natural green beyond that.

Cleveland and it’s suburbs are served by the RTA transit system, a fair public transportation system with buses and light and heavy rail. Health care available here is better than most with The Metrohealth system, Cleveland Clinic and its affiliated hospitals and University Hospital. All highly rated. If one has to get ill or have an accident, this is place to do it.

A the Cleveland Metro Parks AKA The Emerald Necklace is also very nice and quite extensive. Running from Lake Erie on the West side, down south to the Cuyahoga Valley National Forest on the southern end and up to Lake County on the eastern end. One of my favorites is the Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation with it’s Nature Center and picnic areas and even a wet lands area. All of the parks AKA Reservations have these as well as an extensive hiking and biking trail system. Some even interconnected.

Amish boys

Out east of the city about 24 miles from where I live, you come to Geauga County. Out past Hunting Valley and Chagrin Falls. Around 10 miles further east you come to Middlefield Ohio, the center of Amish country in Geauga County and the third largest settlement of Amish in the US. This is the country and very rural as well. Amish farms and shops and lots of Amish Buggies. There are both old order and new order Amish in Geauga County. Though they live off grid and have no phones or TV or radio, they do make use of other forms of electric generation for the shops and farms. Particularly solar power.

The shops sell furniture and clothes and blankets and quilts. All hand made. As well as baked goods baked in traditional wood fired cast iron ovens. And I can tell you it is delicious. Although not Amish another local business is White House Chocolate. Where they make and sell their own chocolate right there, with some of the best dark chocolate I have ever tasted.

And Geauga Family Farms which sells all local grown produce and meats and poultry. There are also other Amish farms that sell various fruits and vegetables and eggs and poultry scattered along the country side. All vastly superior to anything you would get in the city.

Yes this is the country where once you get away from the village, you can go for miles between houses and you really do need to be able to take care of your self.

No public transportation or big hospitals or big box stores around the corner, though Middlefield now has a Giant Eagle. But it  is quiet and slower paced. Nearly all houses have some land, that is no postage size lots.

The city has lots going for it, services and convenience. The country does as well, rural atmosphere, cleaner air and locally grown food etc.

Both also have their draw backs. Is one better than the other ? I would say that depends greatly on ones point of view.

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