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Crane-Station isn’t available this morning, so I am opening the Diner doors for Wednesday conversation. Any topic welcome. Rants encouraged. Good news also highly encouraged!

Pour a cup of your favorite morning beverage and join in!

An update to my theme from last Friday’s Over Easy, concerning how our locations are tracked using a technology known as a stingray, comes this news:
Law Enforcement Agencies Scramble For Pricey Cell Tower Spoofer Upgrades As Older Networks Are Shut Down

From ArsTechnica:

Documents released last week by the City of Oakland reveal that it is one of a handful of American jurisdictions attempting to upgrade an existing cellular surveillance system, commonly known as a stingray.

The Oakland Police Department, the nearby Fremont Police Department, and the Alameda County District Attorney jointly applied for a grant from the Department of Homeland Security to “obtain a state-of-the-art cell phone tracking system,” the records show.

Photo by Jhaymesisviphotography released under a Creative Commons license.

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