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Hamas deserves your support?

Hamas, the freely democratically elected leaders of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

I have seen many argue here that Hamas is justified in launching weapons from among civilians.  Others deny they used Mosques, schools and other public places to wage war.  Some even justify they are entitled to wage war as they like, that is is only Israel that is bound by international law–after all, the Palestinians are the underdogs.

Hamas using woman and children as human shields has been denied many times, but the proof continues to build supporting the claim.

This does not justify everything Israel has done and will do.  It simply points out the truth.  Anti-semites will always deny the truth if Jews are involved.  Many critical of Israel, justifiably, still need to consider what they are fighting–the original ISIS.  Or maybe taking those people out into the streets and shooting them in the head and calling them “collaborators” was not savage enough in today’s terms?

I truly hope this opportunity for calm can strengthen Abbas and we will see real movement towards peace.  Because Hamas is still in the center, while being countered by an emboldened far right in Israel, it might continue to be a pipe dream.  Knowing first hand the people and organizations in Israel trying desperately to forge peace always gives me hope.  But the hate the Jews and America crowd offer nothing but slogans and failed policies/ideas.

One set of photographs showed a school by day, its central yard empty. By night, rockets looked to be stockpiled in the yard. At another school a canopy, where a hole had been torn for a rocket launching, was further frayed after a projectile was fired from underneath, he said.

Curiously, my girlfriend’s father is Palestinian, a successful doctor here who freely left because he was going to be killed for marrying a Christian.  He wasn’t forced into a camp, and freely left one created by his people to pursue a better life in America for him and his family.  But lets not hold Palestinians responsible for their lot, as the what is commonplace these days is blaming everyone else for ones lot in life.


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