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Mother Will March Every Day Until Chicago Police Provide Answers on Police Shooting That Killed Her Son

More than one week after Chicago police shot and killed 19-year-old Roshad McIntosh, his mother is still demanding the police provide basic information on what happened to her son. She has pledged to march to the local police station every day until she gets the answers she believes she deserves.

Cynthia Lane (also referred to as Dawn McIntosh) was joined by hundreds on Labor Day in an evening march from the 2800 West Block of Polk Avenue on the west side of Chicago. The block is where her son was shot by police on August 24.

The march went to the 11th Precinct Station, where McIntosh’s mother left demonstrators to enter the station and see if police were ready to provide: the name of the officer or officers who shot her son, autopsy report information, incident report information and details on whether there will be any punishment for the officer(s) or changes to police procedures in the aftermath.

She was only in the police station for 10-15 minutes before she reemerged in tears. The police had provided her no information.

There have been three marches to the police station since McIntosh was killed by police. Activists, supporters and eyewitnesses from the community have maintained that the black teen was on a porch surrendering and had his hands up when police fired the shots that killed him.

“My son was killed senselessly, and he shouldn’t have been. He was surrendering, and they shot him anyway,” Lane declared at a press conference on August 27.

It was not until August 26, two days after he was killed, that Lane was allowed to see her son’s body.

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Jane Hamsher

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