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How are you folks on this day? How was your weekend?

International Politics


– I rarely place titles anymore, but I feel this speaks for itself: “Obama’s ‘Catastrophic Defeat’ in Ukraine“; I had much suspicious on a setback by Kiev forces after they bragged how close they were to winning in the east

– Meanwhile, the EU threatened the use of sanctions against Russia and the White House defended such a decision

– Despite praising the U.S. on certain issues, a UN report criticized the U.S. for policies involving surveillance and racism for instance

– Glen Ford: “Obama Schemes to Attack Syria, Under the Guise of Fighting ISIS

Middle East

– Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated new sanctions by the U.S. were an “invasion,” although he did say negotiations with the West was still on the table

– Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah claimed Europe and the U.S. were at risk of a terrorist attack if there is not a strong response to Islamic State forces; Is this a bluff?

– It would take 20 years to rebuild Gaza after the shelling by Israel, from a depressing new report stated

– The calls from the Syrian government to work with Western states against IS is one for leftists to distrust the existing regime

– Looks like Israel will be making more settlements in the West Bank

– An official of Hezbollah warned IS would strike against Lebanon next

– Iraqi troops took over another town from IS forces as they continue their campaign against the organization

– Israel cut some of its government spending in response to the $2.52 billion it spent for the bombings in Gaza

Asia and Oceania

– Australia announced it would provide supplies and weapons to the Iraqi government to fight IS

– Protests in Pakistan were broken up by police with three people dead and more than 400 injured


– Islamist militants took over a compound of the abandoned U.S. embassy in Libya; It should be noted Libya Dawn, a militant group, took over Tripoli, which means the country will experience more instability

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