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Over Easy: Monday Science

It ain’t Godzilla you must worry about


I hope everyone has a good holiday planned. We have a miserable, dreary morning here but it’s supposed to get nice later on. I hope.

Fukushima update:

The fuel rod removal from the #4 sfp is going well, about a month ahead of schedule. I may be off base, but something here isn’t computing to me. Some of those fuel bundles just have to be damaged enough to make removal difficult, but there’s no official word of any problems at all.

Multiple classified interviews released. JG knew on the afternoon of 3/11 that the reactors were already melting. TEPCO did not want to inject seawater to cool the plants, but their man at Fuku ignored their orders. Were they still thinking the reactors were salvageable at the time?!? And when the radiation spiked, TEPCO assisted their plant workers by dropping off needed supplies 50km away.

Their plan to pump up and divert groundwater is pumping 25,000 gallons/day, but having no detectable effect on the amount of water going into the reactor basements.

30 cases of thyroid cancer per 100,000. The normal number is 1.7.

TEPCO found liable for employee suicide. This could be very costly for TEPCO on paper, but it will really cost the JG as TEPCO is effectively bankrupt.

Fuku is now estimated to cost at least $105B. Twice the original estimate but still well below the $1T estimates from outside sources.

About 2 TRILLION Bq/day emitted by the plant.

I’m going to go ahead an post what I’ve got now, and perhaps add more to it later. Busy holiday for me and I’ve run out of time for the moment!

Boxturtle (There is no rest for the wicked)

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