Incontrovertible Proof Russia Invaded Ukraine and Putin Stole Crimea

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You may be wondering at my about-face on this issue, so please allow me to explain the confluence of events that brought me here.  Recently I was given a whopping prescription for Xanax in aid of my nearly constant anxiety and insomnia. Coincidentally, last night I was visited by the Spirit of Labor Day Yet to Come.  She communicated with me telepathically the message that I had it all wrong, and urged me to reach out to touch her hand, and she would take me on a virtual tour of the blogosphere to prove the point and re-educate me, and erase the many propaganda engrams that had been planted and grown in my brain.

Bemused and rather disdainful of her belief that her mission would be successful, nevertheless, I held her hand, and we whoooshed off on her tour.  In the end, I understood, and hope you will as well, as I put The Evidence before you.  Mind you, I’m unable to reconstruct the order in which she showed me all of this, given that it was easy to be distracted by the rush of images and words she presented for my perusal.

First we stopped by the New Yawk Times and a piece by Michael Gordon; you remember him: he reported on Saddam Hussein’s ‘aluminum tubes for nukes’ in the run-up to the first Gulf War.  He did the story well, and quite professionally.  He says here, quite convincingly:

‘Since mid-August NATO has received multiple reports of the direct involvement of Russian forces, “including Russian airborne, air defense and special operations forces in Eastern Ukraine,” said Oana Lungescu, a spokeswoman for NATO.

NATO’s secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, criticized the Russian moves in a statement issued in Brussels on Friday. “I condemn the entry of a Russian so-called humanitarian convoy into Ukrainian territory without the consent of the Ukrainian authorities and without any involvement of the International Committee of the Red Cross,Mr. Rasmussen’s statement said.” [snip]

“We have also seen transfers of large quantities of advanced weapons, including tanks, armored personnel carriers and artillery to separatist groups in Eastern Ukraine. Moreover, NATO is observing an alarming buildup of Russian ground and air forces in the vicinity of Ukraine.”

Now, we don’t know the authors of those reports, nor does he link to actual evidence, but as he trusts Oana and Foggy, we should, too.  Yes?  Of course, ‘yes’.

Apparently knowing of my regard for Hillary Clinton, we stopped by ‘Hillary Clinton’s comparison of Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler checks out’ at ABC’s Fact Check page.  My stars; they not only found the comparison valid, and with maps, they utterly destroyed Putin’s claims that the new government in Kyiv was run by neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, and Russophobes, and was terrorizing citizens in the southeast.  Among myriad facts that they brought to rebut Putin’s claims was this telling one you should consider strongly, imo:

‘Despite Mr Putin’s claims, according to the US State Department, “outside of Russian press and Russian state television, there are no credible reports of any ethnic Russians being under threat” and “Russian military facilities were and remain secure, and the new Ukrainian government has pledged to abide by all existing international agreements, including those covering Russian bases“. Similarly, Canadian foreign minister John Baird told Canadian television “there hasn’t been a single incident [of violence against Russians] that they can point to“.

So, even the human rights organizations got it wrong, tsk, tsk on them.

At some point we stopped by the Kyiv Post, and the Spirit showed me not only the real dope on recent events there, but that they also featured posts by ‘LA Homeland Security Examiner’ journalist Julia Davis, including a five-part series “Russia’s top X lies about Ukraine”, graduating from 20 to 100 by now, and believe me, she blasts their propaganda into smithereens!  Her clickable CV is excellent:

‘Julia Davis is an Investigative Reporter, produced screenwriter of award-winning film and TV productions and a published photographer. She is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (, executive member of Women In Film (, VP of Fleur De Lis Film Studios. (’  Very cool.

The Spirit also took me on a tour of NATO’s Twitter account, where among other things, we discovered more regarding…Liar, liar, pants on fire! 

Know what else?  The incontrovertible evidence that RussiaInvadeUkraine already has its own hashtag!  Oh, look: there’s the good Julia Davis on the account; well done, girlfriend.  And with links!

Putin popular in the Donbass?  Pffffft.  Hordes of anti-Putinists protest him.

By now I was feeling a bit mesmerized, and reckoned my eyes were rather glazed over (if indeed I were seeing any of this with my eyes, but more like dream imagery in which the unexpected, or even surrealistic, can seen quite natural.

But moving on, here comes the evidence that’s been lacking, okay?  Right there on the satellite image: ‘six probable S219 self-propelled guns in probable firing position facing north, toward Ukraine’ and six probable support vehicles’.   Had I mentioned ‘incontrovertible proof’?

In addition,  reTweeted by Geoffrey Pyatt:

But if one is partial to Ambasador Samantha Powell, and to simple graphics in simple colors, this message says it all, doesn’t it?  Quite instructive; show your friends:

But oh, my.

Also retweeted by Geoffrey Pyatt

Alexander Vershbow @NATOdsg  ·  Aug 30

On eve of #NATO summit, war in Europe is no longer unthinkable, thanks to #Russia. Sobering piece by Anne Applebaum

‘Novorossiya will not be stable as long as it is inhabited by Ukrainians who want it to stay Ukrainian. There is a familiar solution to this, too. A few days ago, Alexander Dugin, an extreme nationalist whose views have helped shape those of the Russian president, issued an extraordinary statement. “Ukraine must be cleansed of idiots,” he wrote — and then called for the “genocide” of the “race of bastards.” and more like that.  Oh, dear, though; I’d thought it was Yulia Tymenshenko that called for nuking the Separatist Terrorists.  Well, never mind; the narrative now is that Russia might bomb the periphery nations!  (With tactical nukes, of course).  So by the time Spirit and I stopped by the Washington Post, I was er…almost…er kinda ready for this piece:

‘NATO-based nuclear weapons are an advantage in a dangerous world’ by Brent Scowcroft, Stephen J. Hadley and Franklin Miller, offering a ‘balanced’ mini-debate on decreasing nuclear weapons in Europe.  Of course they are just political tools, deterrents, you see, because war is easier to deter than to win.  And besides, Russia ramped up its arsenal, and has much larger standing armies than any other, yada, yada, and ends:

‘…in Chicago, all leaders issued the “Deterrence and Defense Policy Review,” which said: “Nuclear weapons are a core component of NATO’s overall capabilities for deterrence and defense alongside conventional and missile defense.”

With Russia continuing to support forces that are seeking to destabilize Ukraine and taking unsettling actions in both the Baltics and the Balkans, this is no time to destabilize the NATO alliance and traumatize our NATO allies by withdrawing our nuclear weapons from Europe.’

Hmmm; after seeing that, I asked my guide for a detour to #NoToNato, and saw that lots of folks had already been in Cardiff, days before the offishul festivities begin on Thursday.  ‘No more wars!  No NATO!’  Don’t these silly folks know that war brings peace, even preemptive war?  (Hmmm; loads of police, helicopters…?  Will Femen attend?) NATO’s not about colonization, but keeping the world safe for Democracy and prosperity (one such example)!  Oh, yes: Democracy, at least for some…  Shoot, one dude even brought this old chestnut.


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