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How do you fight it? Look at these poll results supporting military action in Syria against ISIS.  Sixty three percent for, sixteen percent against bombing ISIS in Syria.  About an exact reversal from poll results one year ago regarding bombing Syria because of the chemical weapons attack.

Just one year ago antiwar liberals and progressives fell all over themselves because of poll results that indicated widespread sentiments against taking action in Syria because of the false flag chemical weapons attack. Even though the American people still fell for that false flag, they didn’t want any action because of it. Liberal and progressive antiwar types pointed to that as how the tide was turning. the public was fed up with war and imperialism.

I remember pointing out that Obama probably didn’t attack because he and Kerry got caught lying about the chemical weapons attack and knew that excuse wouldn’t fly for an invasion. And the American people DID fall for that false flag.  They still bought the corporate/state narrative that Assad did it.  The narrative just didn’t quite set them off like a good old fashioned fake beheading of an American journalist.

What a difference the right propaganda and narrative makes. They trot out ISIS like they trotted out Al Qaeda and Al Nusra and presto, now the American public is all for military action to take out the newest enemy terrorist group created by their own government. A chemical weapons false flag attack didn’t work but surely a new enemy that beheads American journalists will do the trick.

Nothing changes. Ever read “Preachers Present Arms”, a book about how the churches took the lead in spreading war propaganda for WWI? That’s World War ONE, one hundred years ago. And most of the public fell for it. Like now, there were those that knew what was up but they couldn’t stop it. THEY COULDN’T STOP IT. And how many died?

What does this mean? I don’t know. It means there are alot of ignorant people out there. But we’ve known that. We’ve known that we only have a certain percentage to work with to take these bastards out, the Powers that Be who control our lives. It also means that we will probably see military escalation in Syria and a serious attempt to depose Assad, and also in Iraq and Libya which are falling out of the oil baron’s control. All this while they rachet up the game plan in Ukraine against Russia, and in the South China Sea against China.

It means they have carte blanche to proceed full speed ahead with their insane agenda for world domination, world hegemony. This is the United States of America “My Way or the Highway” foreign policy program in action. Fuck Rome, we’re different.

It should also be a lesson to those that want to end war, imperialism and militarism, to those that want peace. We can’t keep doing the same thing and think that the general public is going to come around. We can’t think that if it gets bad enough, the people will fight back. Heck, if you believe all people are equal and the same, look at the North Koreans. Look how much shit they’ve taken and not collectively fought back. Do you think we’re different from North Korean human beings?

It’s time for all good antiwar activists to come to the aid of their country, and world.

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