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The House of Saud, Wahabism, And ISIS. All Related.

Islamic Crescent

Been a long time since I posted anything here at The Lake.

And I apologize to editors and readers both for being unable to insert a simple graphic from either photobucket or flickr. Thanks for any help possible . . . .

But, this read from The World Post was so informative and easy to get through I thought it a good vehicle at MyFDL to bring forth some basic history of ISIS and how and why they came about.

If Mr. Tuttle hasn’t already broached this then I suggest all Pups interested in Mideast Affairs check it out.

ISIS, A Part of Saud And Radical Wahabist History, Still.

This article also clarifies a number of Islamic/Arabic phrases to identify various beliefs and peoples throughout the history of Islam. I found that VERY useful.

Best to all.

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