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Keep your money coming people, you are helping the needy in Gaza! Wink, wink.

Note:  this post won’t limit itself to just blaming Jews and America.  Please move on to that insightful post quoting the Daily Socialist(?) that someone who had a cat that overheard from his barber that his cousin heard the Western and American backed regime blew up the Malaysian airliner.

Being given proof that Hamas intentionally puts innocent civilians in harms way (after all, where else can the freely elected leaders hide and fire rockets from if not hospitals and schools?) had to be ignored, and blame had to be placed on Jews and America.  But this was a costly war.  Not that Hamas cared about the innocent deaths it was causing–on the contrary, the death tolls, which were greatly exaggerated, was the only weapon they had that worked–but because it was drying up the resources they have come to depend upon to line their pockets.  And as their people suffered, and humanitarian aid came pouring in through–Israel (NOT EGYPT)–what did these democratically elected noble people, defended by the Achmed blogging community do?

Hamas Condemned For Stealing Majority Of Humanitarian Aid During Recent Gaza War To Sell On Black Market


Achmed the blogger defenders will find it impossible to not jump in and condemn the source of the article no doubt.  They will surely pretend that the real source of the information is not the Palestinians themselves.  And because we know they will be unable to read and learn, embarrassed no doubt that their money and slogans were used as propaganda fodder to truly make it possible for Hamas to make sure more innocent people died, will someway turn this around to blame Jews and America.  Ah, the welcome, refreshed opinion of the blogger mentality.

The death and destruction in Gaza is much like it was in Lebanon–overwhelming, unneeded, and a reason resumed fighting will not happen any time soon–may it be Allah’s will.  There is no doubt Israel made some major blunders–certainly there will be situations proven, under the air of war, that they should not have done things (and no doubt it will be Israeli’s who are the most forthright in bringing to light their own countries faults–after all, they are not Islamists and Achmed the blogger followers.  But when is the curious crowd of defenders of Hamaz/Gaza and Palestinians going to stand up and acknowledge the truth to what Hamas really is all about?

Lets take a moment to hear from a genius reminding everyone that Hamas was a creation of Israel–always forgetting to remind us that it was to hopefully move power from Arafat and towards people they hoped would wage PEACE.  Lets take a moment to touch on the other ridiculous propaganda: It is genocide, even though the Palestinian population increases EVERY SINGLE YEAR;  it is Apartheid, even though not a single Israeli was in Gaza (I know, it was Israel who blocked them off from the world–if we continue to ignore Egypt’s role), and the West Bank is mostly self governing;  please add the slogans I missed so they can be discussed at a later date.

Lets take another moment for Achmed the blogger followers to blame Israel/Jews/America for creating the Islamist mentality of death, destruction and inhumanity being witnessed around the globe.  Hopefully you are standing inconveniently at the airport security line, being ready to be groped because of the Jews that made plane hijackings and murdering fliers a way of life.  Oh, my sincerest apologies to have to mention it was Islamist/Palestinians who did that….

What never seems to be discussed is the fact the Palestinian leadership is mostly from elsewhere.  Arafat was not from the land in dispute.  Neither is the current Hamas leader.  Who hides with his crack team in a mansion living off the million bilked from the people in the territory–I can’t say his people, because they are not but very distant cousin.

It is the innocent Palestinian people, always a pawn of their leaders, ignorance, religion and hatred who are led into camps made by their people, live off the rations allowed to dribble down to them, who suffer–mostly because the Achmed blogger types, driven by hatred of Jews, America, their own lot–support the henchmen in control of the death and destruction.  Of course it is a great victory to have a street named after you when taking up the cause of the leaders and jihad for murdering non believers (I would say Israeli’s, but the evidence around the world of the death and destruction is far greater).

A brief moment of hope that the reality of the dismal leadership of Hamas ala Arafat will finally be shoved aside for peace minded Palestinians to accept Israel, and live in peace together.  You are all tied to the same land.  There is enough to create and go around if you all can just stop the jihad mentality and embrace peace.  Remember all the jobs that were permanently lost when the Inifadah was more important than peace.

Please Achmed the blog followers, who are certainly ready to pounce and blame Jews and America, get your dollars out and send it over to help the innocent Palestinians.  Even if they did elect these “leaders” it is no reason not to keep stuffing the coffers of the propaganda campaign who use the death and destruction of the people to keep the dollars flowing.  Who knows, maybe it will be your dollar that actually feeds a hungry child instead of finding its was to a bank in Dohar or build the “underground infrastructure needed for Palestinian society”–or what others continue to call tunnels used for war to kill innocent people until their advertised goal of eliminating Israel is attained–so their leaders, who have never lived on the land, can finally come home.  The phone lines are now open, please give generously.


(The faint stampede of the blame the Jews/America crowd is gaining speed, and…….)

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