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Pull Up a Chair: Game Night


Game Night

We always played games growing up, a lot of board games, I liked Clue and Parcheesi and the times I got to play Life at my cousins, for some reason that wasn’t in our games closet. Never cared much for Monopoly, it just went on and on – but we didn’t know the rules, really. Also a lot of card games, we played a lot of cards. I learned how to play bridge in college, that’s a great game, Gin Rummy is good, too. In high school a lot of my classmates played Pinochle, but now I can’t remember how it goes.

Oh, and Backgammon.

What games do you play when you get together with friends and family?

One of our fun favorites is Yahtzee, and Scrabble, too. Maybe a table of Hearts, someone always Shoots the Moon. Been awhile, but Trivial Pursuits used to be a fave game for a gathering, although I admit the version I have is DATED.

Are there good new board games out?

Photo by Judy Robinson-Cox under Creative Commons license


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