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Come Saturday Morning: Some Good News

Because we could all use some good news:

The employees of Market Basket have won! They got their old boss back and the side of the DeMoulas family that booted him is now going to sell their part of the business to his side.

— Texas’ obscenely and cruelly restrictive anti-abortion law just got overturned in Federal court, days before it was set to go into effect. Texas’ nutjob AG promises an appeal, but from what I hear the law was so craptastically written that it’s very likely the appeal will fail.

— This is not new, but it’s likely news to you as it was to me: A little over thirty years ago, a troop of baboons in Kenya lost all its hyper-aggressive alpha males when they all died from eating tuberculosis-tainted meat. The remaining males were a lot less aggressive towards each other, and not aggressive at all towards the females in the troop — and the culture change became permanent. If baboons can mellow out, maybe humans can too?

— You all who are reading this are still here, still breathing, still above ground, still ready to go out and bell the cat. You know you can do it!

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