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Obama Gores NYC Wealthy

So there I was half-listening to CBS This Morning on this Friday about 8:00 a.m. when my attention was captured by their story about Pres. Obama’s presence in New York City causing the shutdown of air traffic in the area for an extended time. The point the story made was: this was a terrible inconvenience to the very wealthy there who used charters or their private planes to get away to the Hamptons or Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend. Without the aircraft, these folks would have to go by motor vehicle which would increase their travel times one and a half to five and a half hours.


Nevermind that most of these folks would be relaxing, doing something that interested them in the passenger area of a luxury vehicle driven by someone who couldn’t afford lunch in the Hamptons much less a weekend there. But then, that person wouldn’t be watching CBS This Morning nor would the hundreds of thousands who had to get up and be at work to serve the wealthy or enrich them further nor the thousands that were already scrounging garbage cans for breakfast or trying to find a shady spot to pass the hot afternoon or a place to spend the coming night.


Nope, those folks wouldn’t be watching CBS and CBS’ advertisers aren’t interested in them anyway because they don’t have enough money to make them interesting. So, let’s just take a minute to feel the pain of the inconvenienced wealthy of New York City who are watching . Let’s shed a tear even. Yeah, boo-fucking-hoo…


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