It’s hard out here for a voter in Florida’s 19th Congressional District (Tampa/Ft. Meyers)

First they awoke one morning last year to learn that their landslide elected (62%) first term representative, Trey Radel (late of talk radio–are you listening, Rush?) had been caught buying coke from a snitch in a Washington D.C. sting operation.

Then they had to put up with months of bullshit, including a month of residential rehab for alcoholism (wtf?) while he squirmed to avoid resigning.

When, at last, he did the right thing, he was replaced by world class Teabagger doofus Curt Clawson, who is guaranteed first-year-of-eligibility induction into the Doofus Hall of Fame.

If you watch only one scrap of C-Span content this year, watch this brief segment from testimony on US-India trade policies, before a committee on which  Clawson  serves, where his questions to two witnesses who work for the US Departments of State and Commerce betray his utter cluelessness as to their national origin.

Hey, who could blame him, they are obviously brown!


Having your Congressman buy a gram of coke from snitch, roughly $100.

One month in rehab to stave off resignation, $40,000.

Special election and replacement of congressman with teaparty supported doofus, $500,000.

Having that doofus engage in colloquy where he persistently tries to send messages to the government of India, (even after getting helpful hints from the witnesses sent over by Commerce and State to testify before his committee)… PRICELESS!