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Over Easy: Monday Fukushima Update

How Fukushima channels hot water!


Fukushima Update:

Scientists are documenting severe biological effects, including early mortality, reproductive issues, and population declines in just about every plant and animal species in the area. Including effects on untainted insects fed Fuku contaminated leaves. This is going to get much worse.

A little bit of the inside story early on in the accident. What do you do when you’re taking more than 1 sv/hr and have to close a valve to save the plant?

60km from the plant and radiation readings are higher than the worse of Chernobyl. This is OUTSIDE the evac zone, where the JG is pretending everything is fine. JG appears to have made the conscious decision that a shortened life span and reproduction issues are less impact to Japan than evac.

Childhood cancer is now at 14x normal. The JG is willing to listen to any explanation for this that does NOT involve radiation.

Officially, the USS Ronald Reagan is not contaminated and never received a dangerous dose. Yet the sailors and their families continue to have problems that COULD be explained by radiation exposure. The lawsuits against bankrupt TEPCO expand.

Vice magazine says that no one wants you to know how bad this really is. They’re right. Much like climate change, governments just aren’t willing to face the consequences of this, they’d rather kick it down the road. Speculation: How much pressure from the USG do you suppose the governors of the west coast states receive to not make waves? Do you suppose if they were republican, they’d be standing up to Obama more?

Our government underestimated West coast radiation dose by 500%. A cynic might say they knowingly and intentionally did so, but there’s no information in public to support that.

One of the key things to know is where is the corium? A muon detector is being set up to try to find it. Right now, they are trying to find the proper positions for the detectors, they need to surround the possible locations. There are issues, as the #3 explosion (at least) scattered fuel rod pieces all over and that creates noise that must be corrected for. It is possible that we will have data from the detector this year.

Read about US pro-NPP people trying to convince all of us that Nuclear power is still safe, cheap, and needed. Stop thinking with your wallets and start using your consciences. If you don’t have a conscience, borrow one.

TIME goes off reservation! Yeah, I know TIME ain’t the magazine it used to be, but this is still important. A Dr study has specifically linked rashes to Fuku. Especially in Calif, this is going to make it that much more difficult for the Government to pretend nothing is wrong.

The ice wall still isn’t working. Physics doesn’t care if you believe in it or not.

While ObamaLLP and the JG were assuring us that everything was under control, they were distributing KI tablets to anyone who traveled within 100miles of Fuku and they ordered ships and personnel to remain over 200mi away.

Okay, this ended up being all Fuku. Sorry, but a lot happened over the last couple weeks that needed shared.

Boxturtle (Better spend more time studying the ocean below 500m. We may be living there before long)

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