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Coroner Contradicts Police, Says Handcuffed Man Shot in Front, Not Back

Close up of a set of handcuffs

How did a left-handed man shoot himself in the right front of his chest while handcuffed behind his back?

Yet still rules it a suicide.

On March 3, 2014, Victor White was arrested by Louisiana Iberia Parish police and patted down, TWICE, and handcuffed behind his back and placed in a police cruiser for transport. On arrival at the station, after police vacated the cruiser, they reported hearing a gunshot inside the vehicle. And then they reportedly found White slumped over, with a handgun laying in the cruiser. At the time they said that he had shot himself in the back.

Today’s coroner’s report, obtained by NBC News, contradicts the claim he shot himself in the back, saying the entry wound was in the front, in the right side of his chest.

But according to the full final report of the Iberia Parish coroner, which was released nearly six months later and obtained exclusively by NBC News, White was shot in the front, not the back. The bullet entered his right chest and exited under his left armpit. White was left-handed, according to family members. According to the report, the forensic pathologist found gunshot residue in the wound, but not the sort of stippling that a close-range shot can sometimes produce. He also found abrasions on White’s face.

At the time of his arrest, he was accompanied by a friend, Isaiah Lewis, who has said that when he last saw White being placed into the cruiser, he had no marks on his face. Yet the autopsy shows wounds in the face.

Also, the police found cigars and a “small amount of cocaine” on the second patdown/search. A “small amount of cocaine” is a pretty small thing to find, yet presumably they could not find a gun.

So we are to believe that a man, searched twice by professional police officers, and handcuffed behind his back, sitting in the back seat of a police cruiser, shot himself in the chest with a gun, and on the right side of his chest, despite being left handed. I mean, imagine standing up with your hands cuffed behind you, and how hard impossible it would be to shoot yourself in the chest. Now imagine sitting in a confined space like the backseat of a police cruiser. (For those who have never had the pleasure, I can attest first hand that any movement at all is difficult in such a situation.)

To recap, a left handed man, patted down twice, handcuffed behind the back, inside the back seat of a police cruiser, who according to all friends and family was very happy, shot himself in the right side of his chest and injured his face.

I don’t believe it for a second. And yet, I’d bet dollars to donuts after posting this someone will comment how I’m being a paranoid conspiracy theorist for even thinking it didn’t happen that way. Presumably because the evidence is so overwhelming that it happened exactly as the police said, and the police never lie.

Just another day in a fascist police state.

Photo by banspy released under a Creative Commons license.

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