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Bryson Andres, Secrets

A one man band for the 2010s


Street Musician Bryson Andres on the streets of Spokane

The song is Secrets by OneRepublic.

You can tell the self-taught Bryson Andres loves what he’s doing:

In these tough times (well some people are super fortunate) would you have the courage to hit the road and follow your dream? A lot of people prefer the steady job that pays the bills but Bryson Andres has taken his violin and is travelling, doing what he loves. Growing up with his grandparents who were not fond of his practicing, he has learned to not dwell on the negative and strive to please people who love to hear him play.

Andres is from Anchorage, Alaska, but came to acclaim when this video of him busking the streets of Seattle went viral:

The performance was highlighted in a story published last week by The Spokesman-Review as they previewed the possible changes in the city’s noise ordinance. Andres performed frequently in front of Riverfront Park gaining audience, busking for cash and selling cds of his recordings.

‘When I came to Spokane, there were hardly any performers on the streets,’ Andres shared over the phone.

He traveled to Spokane after playing everywhere he could in Alaska. He wanted to broaden his horizons, but playing in Spokane almost made him stop. He found the support for his art lacking. And then a video of him performing One Republic was touched by internet magic, the unexplainable force behind viral videos.

‘Before that video was taken, I was thinking about not playing out of state anymore. I was at a loss,’ Andres said.

The video rallied unexpected attention from fans and supporters.

‘As a street performer, I learned I’m not wasting my time. I’m inspiring others,’ Andres said. ‘Having a viral video and more supporters and fans helped me see why I’m doing what I’m doing.’


Bryson’s website and Facebook page

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