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The Weekend Roundup for August 23-24th, 2014

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Start of a brand new week folks! We’re almost to September too.

International Politics


– Despite Western propaganda claiming Russia had a hand in the downing of MH17, there are some, even in the CIA, who think Ukraine was behind it

– The formation of the Islamic State is interesting as it includes typical geo-political games between major actors; It should be noted Qatar denied it funds or funded IS

– Good news as Secretary of State John Kerry announced a U.S. journalist was released after being kidnapped in Syria

Middle East

– Ali Abunimah: “Starve or surrender: Cut off all food and water to Gaza, says Israeli general

– Meanwhile, Israel announced it killed a financial official of Hamas in an air strike; It should be noted Israel decided to start bombing apartment buildings

– There does not seem to be any effort by the UN to hold Israel accountable for its action since the U.S. holds a significant amount of power

– Lawyer Michael Ratner speaks to The Real News about a document obtained by Wikileaks on Israel’s Dahiya Doctrine, which refers to the country’s obedience to brutal violence 

– We can never forget how important oil in the Middle East is for world powers

– Iraqis are unhappy with the U.S. showing preference for certain towns when fighting IS

– Iran says it shot down an Israeli drone near a nuclear facility of theirs


– Things have gone from bad to worse in Libya with Islamist forces taking over the international airport in Tripoli and declaring themselves the new government


– German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the country would not send any support for the PKK group, a pro-Kurdish organization designated as a terrorist group by the EU.

– Sergei Glaziev, a former adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, explains why the West, primarily the U.S., decided to go after Russia with the situation in Ukraine as a primary catalyst for the conflict

– As parades in western Ukraine celebrated the country, rebels in Donetsk made Kiev government forces march in the streets

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Canada’s support for Israel’s actions in Gaza is clear and Yves Engler breaks down how close the Israeli-Canadian relationship is; Engler’s point on a double standard of civilians leaving to fight for a foreign entity is also worthy of discussion

Surveillance Planet

– Looks like Germany spied on Turkey since 1976, which reeks of hypocrisy considering German statements on the NSA

– Glenn Greenwald: “Should Twitter, Facebook and Google Executives be the Arbiters of What We See and Read?

Financial Matters

– Goldman Sachs agreed it will pay $1.2 billion in a settlement with government regulators after it misled mortgage companies over bonds

– President Obama: Citizens should lobby officials to help support the Export-Import Bank

Labor’s a-Brewing

A Truthout interview with economist Gar Alperovitz about what is needed to create a new structure in society

Politics US

Washington USA

– The more we talk about Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the more it is obvious how much of a political opportunist he is; It just goes to show you can’t work in the system or the system will take you over

– Thomas Frank interviews Cornel West about President Barack Obama’s legacy, Ferguson and the future

– Sen. Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton is a “war hawk” and a “transformation election” will happen in 2016 if the Democrats nominate her; Even a stopped clock is right twice a day

Anytown USA

– In Staten Island, N.Y., protesters marched to get justice for the death of Eric Garner and to stop police violence

New research found officers are likely to provoke protestors rather than the other way around

– Journalist Ryan Devereaux provides an excellent report on Ferguson on Thursday

We Don’t Need No Education

– One problem with charter schools is their high turnover rates, which complicates the essence of teaching

Here is a story, solely through graphics, describing the “reform,” corporate reform, the Gates Foundation is interested in

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Louis Proyect writes a brilliant critique of a piece in The New Yorker that defends GMOs

– Ebola continues to take lives in West Africa with over 1,000 dead; Meanwhile, it seems a fruit bat is the culprit for the virus

The Second Sex

New research uncovered how men who objectify women also coerce them for sex

– Officials in California stated all insurance companies must include abortion as a part of their plans; Good news for women in the state

Planet Earth

– A new study does not provide hope for action on climate change as it reports every country must accept consequences of a new treaty. Furthermore, it is more difficult to make a treaty today than it was during the Kyoto Protocol hearings.

– As a result of public pressure, the Environmental Protection Agency will require refineries specializing in oil to test the air quality considering the impact it has on low-income communities

– Researchers found the “pause” in global warming is due to extra heat existing at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

– The two largest ice sheets in the world are melting at a quick rate and scientists are worried

Mixed Bag

– Relying on the capitalist system threatens our social fabric, which includes happiness; An unnatural system cannot fulfill our natural needs

– Despite new ventures, the future of journalism is still shaky and is is not entirely hopeful

Break Time

Fat Cats and Bigger Fish [The Coup]

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